Writing mashups of all your science fiction and fantasy favorites and throwing in a little bit of politics, a little bit of religion, and a hell of a lot of badass ladyfolk walking away from explosions in slow motion.

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Coming Fall 2020

Lara Croft meets Star Wars in this young adult space opera, in which a wisecracking intergalactic adventurer becomes the odds-on favorite to win a deadly, cross-galaxy contest to become the quadrant’s next emperor; too bad she has no intention of winning.



Coming 2021

The sequel to the fast-flying, even-faster-talking first book!

Untitled (Crownchasers #2)


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About Me

Rebecca Coffindaffer grew up on Star Wars, Star Trek, fantastical movies and even more fantastical books. She waited a long time for her secret elemental powers to develop, and in the interim, she started writing stories about girls and magic and spaceships. These days she lives in Kansas with her family, surrounded by a lot of books and a lot of tabletop games and one big fuzzy dog. Her debut book CROWNCHASERS, a young adult space opera, comes out Fall 2020 from HarperTeen.

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