That is one FINISHED WIP right there.

And by “finished,” I of course mean “rough” and “ungainly” and “remarkably first draft-ish for having been built upon the skeleton of a previous incarnation of the novel,” but hot damnit if it isn’t still technically complete all the same.

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I kind of thought I’d get there today and that it would be a types-last-word, hits-enter-with-a-flourish kind of thing that used to go so much better back when writing was done on typewriters, but it actually was just a situation where I got to this last scene marked in Scrivener as “to-do,” read through it, realized it wasn’t lending anything to the story at this point, and so I deleted it. And then I went, “Oh…”

And then I teared up a bit because I’m kind of silly like that.

And then I set my laptop down and stared at The Man until he got to a pause point in Skyrim and was all, “Crazy woman, why are you staring at me?” When I told him, he was very excited for me, and I stole him from his video game for a few minutes so we could cuddle, and I could just breathe for a few moments and go, “Phew!” We cracked open a beer to celebrate.

And then I announced it on Twitter – like you do.

I had no idea, when I started this rewrite back in September, just what it would entail. I honestly thought I would finish it within a month or so, no big deal. After all, the novel was there, and I still thought it was good – at least at the core of it – so I was just going to up the ages of the characters, truncate the timeline, add a couple of darker set pieces… No big deal, right?

Until it kept expanding, and more and more of it got cut in favor of new paragraphs and new scenes. Even a lot of the second half, which I felt was entirely usable, hit the cutting room floor as the story evolved and took on a new life. And that stuff wasn’t bad, but it just didn’t match up anymore.

I wrestled with scenes. I revamped characters. I cried out of frustration or when it felt like it was never going to get done. I positively lost my shit over the climactic final battle and bawled all over the couch, feeling absolutely exposed and unequal to the task. And when I was done, I sat down and wrote it anyway. It may not be Shakespeare, but it’s mine, and I’m happy with it and I made it with these hands.

A special thanks to the #WriteMotivation people, many who are listed on that and some who joined in on the epic hashtag of awesomeness after that point. Special thanks to K.T. Hanna, who is a bundle of cheerleading energy for other writers even as she’s cranking away at her own projects. I can’t tell you how much your guys’ support has meant to me, and I honestly don’t think I would be finished at this point without all of the amazing energy behind #WriteMotivation pushing me along.

YAY! I’m gonna go pass out now.

8 thoughts on “That is one FINISHED WIP right there.

  1. I’m so proud of you *hugs*
    Cheering you one has become part of my routine. So… you know that means you have to start writing something else, right? WRITE? haha

    Anyhu – I’m excited and happy and this is Squeeworthy! Way to go!

    1. THANK YOU! Couldn’t have done it without all your support, lady – you rock.

      Heh – I really have all the drive to write something now. After days of practice, I keep coming home from work and going, “OH MY GOD I NEED TO WRITE! Wait…” I’m giving myself time to get real life things under control though. Mortgage loan applications, wedding website, etc.

  2. I’m a little late, but CONGRATULATIONS!! I’ve had so much of my stuff (not really a full novel yet, but definitely short stories) that end up so different from the first draft. The goal is that it tells the original story you envisioned, and sometimes that means changing everything.

    *hugs* and now you can concentrate on moving!

    1. Ha! Exactly! Both on moving and on stories evolving. It’s the surprising evolutions that are the best part about writing sometimes. Most of the time, actually. It’s like discovering a new world.

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