Happy Friday: #WriteMotivation, #PitchMadness and Rediscovering Writing

This will probably be a pretty quick check-in. The Man and I take possession of our new house at noon, and I will be there promptly at that time so I can start cleaning everything. (Yeah, I’m totally that chick. Me and my Pine Sol are best friends.)

Still, I didn’t want to miss checking in this week, so I’m taking a moment with my coffee before the craziness starts.

  • Clean up and polish WIP: It is definitely getting there. I was pretty frustrated on Wednesday night – there was flailing. It wasn’t pretty. But last night was productive, and I should be in good shape. It’s hard to stop editing completely. I feel like I wake up with a new perspective every day, and I look back on my writing and go, “I can fix that. I can make that better.” You have to draw a line somewhere, though, and I should have a draw-able line by the time the final entries are posted on Monday morning for Pitch Madness. We’ve got a headcount: 60 finalists out of 198 entries, so 30% made it and, from the sound of it, there was tough competition. Odds like that mean I probably didn’t make the cut, but I’m still excited to read the finalists and learn a little something about putting together a great hook. There will be 20 entries each on Brenda Drake’s blog, Shelley Watters’ blog, and Cassandra Marshall’s blog. Check them out. Keep an eye on the #PitchMadness tag on Twitter. It should all be pretty fun and interesting. πŸ™‚
  • Comment on at least three fellow writers’ blogs once a week: I set aside time to do this last night, catch up on all the posts from #WriteMotivation participants and commented on WAY more than three. You guys make it easy to keep this goal because ya’ll are writing and sharing great stuff.
  • Start thinking about New Project: With moving and WIP-polishing, I have had zero time to advance on any New Project, but I’m really excited to get past this super-busy part of my life (a little bit anyway) and start plotting something new. Which, I have to be honest, is a big step for me. This time last year, I was still floundering writing-wise. The disappointment of my experience with getting and losing my first agent had blocked out the writing love, and I wasn’t anywhere that was anywhere when it came to my goal of becoming a published author. The strides I’ve taken in the past six months to get back on track have been worth it, even if this WIP never goes anywhere. I’ll write a new one, and if that one doesn’t get me there, then maybe the next one will. I’m not going anywhere.
  • Okay, that turned out longer than I had expected. I must go and pack ALL the things and prepare my arsenal of cleaning supplies. (Yay, cleaning! #surprisinglynotsarcastic) I’ll also be offline starting tomorrow until Tuesday when our cable gets transferred, so I will tweet and respond and whathaveyou once I have the intrawebz back.

    Happy Friday, all!

10 thoughts on “Happy Friday: #WriteMotivation, #PitchMadness and Rediscovering Writing

  1. *hugs you* SO happy you’ve refound your writing love (and yes, that is now a word). You have such a beautiful way with prose – I can’t wait to see what your next project is ❀

    Many congratulations on the move/house! So happy for you.

    I'll text you BWAH HAH HAH – and see you back online Tuesday ❀

    1. Thank you, sweetie – that means a lot. ❀ Just rediscovering the joy of story creation has meant so much. And for the record, I hope to read more of YOUR creations soon.

      I'll see you on…my phone apparently. πŸ˜‰ Hopefully with pictures of my new house!


    My roommates and I bought a house last year, and I was pretty much exactly like you: over there the first second I could to CLEAN ALL THE THINGS. (Sadly, this was not the first day we took possession of the house, because we signed the papers and then I had to leave town for my stepbrother’s wedding…) (And speaking of cleaning, I really need to do that this weekend…)

    And it’s good to hear you’ve found the writing love again. It’s such a wonderful feeling, yes?

    Best of luck with the cleaning and the moving and the writing!

    1. Urgh, I’m so glad I did, too. Took me close to five hours, and the kitchen was DISGUSTING. I feel better about it now, though. A short-lived triumph since a bunch of dudes will be tromping all over the floor to move in our things, but I’ll take it. I love a clean house! πŸ™‚

      yes, it is definitely a wonderful feeling – I’m doubly glad I got to meet awesome people online along the way.

      Thanks! I’ll see you guys again next week!

  3. We’ll miss you! I wish I was doing the same things right now, though – on the house prospect anyway. Hubby and I are seriously considering buying land and building (don’t worry, a blog post will be coming about that in the next couple months :D), so we’re looking at a much longer process than you had . . .

    Have FUN, get everything done, and enjoy those rare moments away from technology! Can’t wait to hear all about the move!

    1. There’s something to be said for building – you get a lot of things the way you’d want them straight out of the gate. Doesn’t hurt to look at all the options.

      I’ll keep an eye on the blog – I’m interested to see what you guys decide on.

      Thanks! I’ll probably be posting about it next week. πŸ™‚

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