A much-belated #WriteMotivation update and #PitchMadness wrap-up

So, obviously, I did not make the #WriteMotivation check-in last week. Let’s just say that life has been a bit of a blur, and I’m thrilled to be looking at upcoming weeks where things will be more chill and normal.

After moving into the house, ordering new furniture and getting it into some semblance of order, The Man and turned around, hit the work week and then had to leave Thursday night for Colorado. A 12-hour trek across the plains and foothills, up into the Rockies to Glenwood Springs. Allow me to provide a visual.

It was a haul, and we did the entire drive home on Sunday with the added bonus of brutal winds that you can only really get across the flatlands where there is NOTHING to slow it down. It was, though, seriously awesome to come back after all that to our new house and crash. And the trip was worth it. I got to watch my goofy younger cousin become a husband to an amazing, equally goofy lady. They were so damn cute it was ridiculous, and everyone rocked it out at the reception. I had blisters on my toes from all the dancing. I’m just sayin’.

As a result of all of this, though, the #WriteMotivation goals have suffered. I definitely did not get three comments in last week on people’s blogs – I’ve barely had enough time to skim them and catch up on what’s going on with everyone. The New Project is still decidedly un-outlined save for the first few lines that I had to stop and write down in the middle of some frantic revising.

The only thing that’s in decent shape is the WIP. In case you didn’t see the craziness on Twitter, PECULIAR DARK made it into the finals of the Pitch Madness contest. I was the B-1 entry on Brenda’s blog, and when the dust settled last Wednesday, I had been lucky enough to receive two bids. John Cusick bid for the query + 25 pages, but Jude Engracia won it with a bid for the query + 50 pages.

It was quite an experience watching it all unfold, I must say. People got all sorts of bids – from five pages to 150. Agents who’s interests I thought I had a clear idea on went for projects I would never expect. K.T. Hanna got fought over (like she deserves) and ended up getting two requests for full manuscripts. I’m just glad I got bids. I’m glad I put together an entry that got the attention of a couple of agents, one of whom hadn’t even been on my radar before but certainly is now.

So now I have a partial out to Jude, who kind of cleaned up and proved herself to be fairly awesome at pitch poker, and even though I know she has a ton of pages to get through just from Pitch Madness alone, I still wander over to my email much more frequently going, “Eh? Maybe?”

Ah, query process, I have not missed you.

And that’s about it. One of these days, I will write a post that is not just, “MY LIFE. READ ABOUT IT.” Not today, obviously, but someday.

I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone’s progress at the end of the month. I hope everyone’s March is going well and that your writing is being that ever-entertaining mix of extreme frustration and glorious creation.

(P.S. I know I said I’d post pictures of the new house – and I have them – but they are stuck on my camera and where the cable is to transfer them, I have no bloody clue. Hopefully I unearth that soon.)

12 thoughts on “A much-belated #WriteMotivation update and #PitchMadness wrap-up

  1. I’m so proud of you and getting Peculiar Dark ready in time. And yeah, pitchmadness was such an adrenaline rush. Almost killed me. Still almost killing me. Especially since Twitter just ate one of my DMs… not happy.

    Anyhu 😀 *hugs* So glad you’re back!

  2. Well, congratulations! (Both on surviving the Colorado trip and the Pitch Madness!) That you’ve had time to sit down and breathe at all is fairly amazing.

    And you’ve still got two weeks in March. You’d be amazed what you can accomplish in two weeks.

    (Also, those pictures made me giggle.)

  3. Oh, those maps make me giggle . . . I’m very grateful that when my parents decided to make the trek from Idaho to Oklahoma, I was an infant. There are many stories that get talked about that I’m glad I don’t remember. Like getting stuck in a blizzard while going over the Rockies.

    I want to see pictures of your house! I’m living vicariously through you right now, and another friend, I want in a house so bad! Hubby and I are going to go drive by some property we’re eyeing on Sunday, and going to start talking to lenders this week. But we still have 6 months left on our lease, and don’t really have a down payment at the moment – just really good credit scores *sigh*. *crosses fingers*

    1. Oh good lord, I didn’t like driving the mountains when it was sunny and 60 degrees. In a blizzard, I would’ve died. Worst. Pioneer. Ever.

      As soon as I can dig up a cord, I’ll get them up here. It’s still in a bit of chaos at the moment, though The Man and I have a Serious Weekend Project to get it together.

      I think you might be surprised what lenders will be willing to give you on an interest rate right now. I mean, we didn’t have the full, recommended 20% down payment – we only had 10% but we still got a great rate because of our good credit.

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