Hey! Pictures of the New House!

Okay, here are a few of the house pictures. There’s more, but these are the ones that look the best. 🙂

Living room: The sectional is new, and all of the bookshelves are built-ins. They fit most of our books, but not all of them. We have a couple more boxes downstairs and one in our bedroom. The TV currently lives on a coffee table while we consider what to do with it. We’re not 100% into the idea of mounting it above the fireplace.

The kitchen is amazing, and a big reason why we fell in love with the place. Kitchens were an important feature for both of us as we love to cook and are of the opinion that, no matter what the party, most people end up hovering in or near the kitchen. It’s a hearth area and needs to have a warm feel and flow to it.

The dining room. We didn’t have a table, so we had to get one of those, too. Still, we’ve yet to actually eat dinner at it and probably won’t until there are kiddos in the picture.

The yard is awesome and has all sorts of landscaping, which is pretty interesting since we found out that the old owners were not garden-y people at all. They didn’t even mow their own yard. We’re excited about it, though, and spent the day weeding and mowing and grading with top soil.

10 thoughts on “Hey! Pictures of the New House!

  1. I’m utterly in love with your kitchen!! And the fireplace, though if it were me, I’d have bookshelves going to the ceiling there. (Who me? Hoard books? This is why I had to get an ereader, I tell you! I ran out of places in my last apartment for more bookshelves! I was seriously pondering hanging them from the ceilings!!) Looks awesome! 😀

  2. I so agree with the kitchen thing. The kitchen in my house was a huge reason too. Your kitchen looks BEAUTIFUL.
    I think your yard looks amazing too! And I agree, we didn’t have a dining table either when we moved lol lol.
    The things we do for the houses we fall in love with.
    So happy for you hon ❤

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