Nether Bound Blog Tour: An interview with Bonnie Rae

bonnie-rae-authorBonnie Rae, who’s been part of the #WriteMotivation family for awhile now and is just an all-around awesome person, just released her first novel – Nether Bound – last Friday. It was a lot of hard work and long hours getting it all spiffed up and ready for publication, and I’m so excited to be a part of her blog tour this week. She indulged me by answering a few random questions:

What was it about Nether Bound that made you decide to take it all the way to publication? Essentially, what made this story different for you than others before it?

I really felt that I had a story people could connect with. Of course, it is fiction, but there are real life issues in Nether Bound that kids and adults deal with every day. Nether Bound just took precedence over all the other stories I’d been working on. I was very close to the story and knew it had to be told.

The first story you ever wrote: what was it called and what was it about?

“Images of Ireland” and it was a series of novels that chronicled the lives of a medieval royal family in Ireland. I wrote the first book in the series when I was sixteen.

Talk to me about the characters in Nether Bound – who is your favorite? Who is most like you personality-wise?

Ava would have to be my favorite. Essentially she is me when I was that age. She experiences a lot of things I went through as a teen. She is kind, loving, but extremely stubborn at times. She feels like she always has to be in control and I can totally relate to that. Thanks OCD!

Who or what has influenced your own writing the most?

First and foremost, my grandparents. They taught me to never give up. Second would be my best friend. I’d dabbled with writing a lot before I met her, but she showed me how to take the hundreds of ideas rolling around in my head and put them on paper to form a story. Third, a teacher I had in high school, who taught me it was okay to fail, because if we never made mistakes we’d never learn anything.

What’s next for your characters in the Nether trilogy?

Oh boy! Both Devon and Ava have some hard consequences to live with from book one. So you see them adjusting and embracing that in book two. I also shed some light on characters that got a rather bad rap in book one. Some of those baddies come back, while others stay dead forever.

You get to sit down to dinner with three writers – living or dead: Who do you pick?

Edgar Allan Poe, David Eddings, and J.K Rowling!

I have a copy of Nether Bound already and am churning through the pages to see what happens next. I’ll have a review up next week, but you can pick it up on Amazon right now (just click the cover photo).

nether-bound-coverSeventeen year old Ava Walker has everything a girl could ask for. She’s captain of the cheer squad, has tons of friends, and could easily have any guy she wants. Being popular is easy.

Lying about her entire life, on the other hand, isn’t.

Since she was little, Ava has had a connection with the dearly departed. She knows seeing dead people is abnormal, but they never try to communicate, so she does her best to turn a blind eye. The older she gets, the worse her visions become. With more and more ghosts showing up, her secret is on the verge of driving her mad.

The only person Ava ever trusted is her best friend, Devon. Only, she hasn’t really talked to him in years and lately he hasn’t been acting like himself.

To make things worse, her evil stepfather, Mark, is hitting the bottle harder and harder. Ava hates the alcoholic psycho her mother married a few years ago. To him, beating women is a sport. Lately, the beatings are getting worse. Ava fears it won’t be long before her mother is among the ghosts invading her life.

She wishes Mark would just die. When he suddenly does, her life changes forever.

Just when she thinks her family is safe, Mark shows back up.

Not all ghosts are silent, and dear old Daddy wants some serious revenge.

Be careful what you wish for …

3 thoughts on “Nether Bound Blog Tour: An interview with Bonnie Rae

  1. LOL, I have an old novel outline hiding somewhere in a deep, dark, file about a magical island off the coast of Ireland. I should dig that out sometime . . .

    I can’t wait to read the next one book, Bonnie! Congrats again 🙂

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