#WriteMotivation Goal Check: Correlations Between Sickness and Success

Fun fact: There is an apparent correlation between me getting nasty colds and then hearing preliminary good news on the publishing front.

Background: Back in late 2007, I shot off a query letter of a newly revised novel to the Rappaport Agency and received a full request from the agent’s slush reader, Jodi. In early December, I got a nasty cold and was sitting around on Friday night, slugging back meds and generally feeling sorry for myself when I got a response from Jodi. She loved the book. Adored it. Was passing it on to the agent but still wanted to write me tons of feedback on what was awesome about it, and she really picked up everything I had been trying to accomplish. It made my freaking night. I signed with the agency that winter, and while it didn’t last, I still treasure that email.

Fast-forward to today: I sent off a round of queries on Wednesday night, received one rejection almost immediately, and then entered The Writers Voice contest Thursday morning, after which I immediately caught the terrible cold that had afflicted The Man the past couple of days. I was miserable by Saturday morning – pretty pathetic and whiny. And then I got good news. A very positive response from my query round and a slot in The Writers Voice finals, thanks to the fabulous Brenda Drake. I’m excited. I’m terribly grateful. I’m cautious because it could all come to nothing still. (See: MarcyKate Connolly’s story over on Cupid’s Literary Connection. Talk about the definition of “just keep swimming” – and that lady has some serious talent.) But still, it made for a good Saturday.

So, future note: Every time I send out a query round, I’m going to go find a sick person and have them sneeze on me. Good plan.

Goal Check:

  1. Finish polish on PD and start querying. Started. See above. I’ve sent out about 10 and will be under scrutiny for 8 other agents on May 17th.
  2. Begin outline of new WIP. I had some breakthroughs on this in the shower last night. Specifically, what’s the conflict and what are the stakes. I’ve started character profiles on Scrivener, even though some of the characters just have labels, like Space Pirate Captain. I’m stoked about this story, about where it could go.
  3. Post at least four updates on The Man’s and my personal blog. One down. Everyone loved the invites and said they were very “us,” which is exactly what we were going for: good-humored and nerdy. Going to write another blog about our illness after this.
  4. Enter The Writers Voice contest and don’t die. I went forth and entered. Made it into the first round and was delighted to see so many fellow WriteMotivation peoples in there with me. Please go check out their entries and comment. They’re all fabulous: Leigh Caroline (whom I adore and who is a fantastic writer/CP), Mia K. Rose, A.J. Locke and Rachel Russell. Their entries sound fabulous. If you are another writemotivation-er in the contest and I didn’t mention you, I’m probably just not aware – please smack me upside the head in the comments.
  5. Launch copy editing services page. No developments. I want to get my current projects completed first.
  6. Finish crits. See above. Will try to work on these today since I’m home sick for one more day.

That’s pretty much where I’m at. I haven’t been as involved in the hashtag as I’d like, so I will be working on that and on commenting. Try to catch up after contest madness. Though maybe not tonight as I might finally get to go see The Avengers.

Ooo, lunch! Good idea…

16 thoughts on “#WriteMotivation Goal Check: Correlations Between Sickness and Success

  1. Congrats on your query round feedback and good luck with it!! Exciting news like that is so instrumental to feeding the fire and keeping on! Best of luck πŸ™‚

  2. hooray for making it to the finals! that’s a big deal! maybe you could sneeze on me before you get well because i just sent out a batch of queries and could use some good luck.

  3. Yay for you. Hope you get some awesome help from your coach and get many partial/full requests.

    Space Pirate Captain sounds like they could be an interesting character.

  4. Congratulations on the queries and the Writer’s Voice. I just got over that nasty cold so if you get anything done while sick, you’re Super Woman.

  5. I was thrilled when you got picked!! πŸ˜€ And *blushes* Thanks. πŸ™‚ Fingers crossed for you hon!! πŸ˜€ Your story is amazing, it deserves to find a good home.

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