#Writemotivation Goal Check: Now with Buffy Gifs

This is how I take care of business. Be afraid, goals.

A new week of May and another check on my May goals. I’m currently left to my own devices as The Man is up in Chicago on a business trip for the next four days. I might be a little flouncy about it. Just a little. But I will have company – in about an hour, my sister will be bringing her dog by. She and her husband are going overseas for 10 days so I get to dog-sit and practice at being a pet owner. 🙂

Goal check time!

  1. Finish polish on PD and start querying. Still in progress. Collected a few rejections and a few requests and waiting on a few more (preferably of the latter). The big news in this area is that PD is getting a major trim. My awesome Writers Voice coach Brenda Drake gave me some great notes on my first 250 words on the contest, and I quickly realized that they could be carried throughout the manuscript. Primarily, this means that I’m cutting down on my self-indulgence and slaughtering my darlings. I’ve already tackled the first 35 pages and sent them to my CPs to make sure I wasn’t editing the “me” right out of the manuscript, and they loved the cleaner, tighter flow of you. So onward I go. 🙂
  2. Begin outline of new WIP. Well…still no actual progress on this. I’m trying to trim PD and get everything else under control. I started a post for people wanting to get ready for #TheWritersVoice Twitter pitch contest on May 24th, and I want to get in there and offer my own critiques to try and help out. It was kind of a whim, but it’s turned out to be rather successful, which is exciting.
  3. Post at least four updates on The Man’s and my personal blog. Got another one planned for this week about our dog-sitting and Chicago adventures.
  4. Enter The Writers Voice contest and don’t die. Posts go up on Thursday. Agent bids get posted on Monday. I am excessively nervous. Almost as much as I was for Pitch Madness. It’s only going to get worse the closer it gets to Monday. *headdesk*
  5. Launch copy editing services page.
  6. Finish crits. Done! Yay!

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