The Return of Becks: Of Vacations, Real-Life Changes and Twitter

I have returned from the land of Lake-dom. See teh pretty?

I actually got back Saturday morning, but I avoided coming back online. Not because I didn’t miss all your lovely faces – I did – but because there’s always that readjustment period after I go to the Lake. It’s such an unplugged departure from real life that the idea of stepping back into the giant, noisy wave pool of the web is overwhelming. I have to stand in the shallows for a few days, wiggling my toes in the water as it swishes onto shore. I’m still not all the way, there, honestly. Twitter gives me a headache if I stray from the #writemotivation hash tag.

It was a good vacation. Relaxing as hell. Only the fact that The Man was in Kansas City made me come back. He and I have talked about moving to the Ozarks in our crazy future fantasies, running a resort like the one my family stays in. Maybe someday we will win the lottery and jump all over that. *sighs wistfully*

In other news, remember how I anticipated 2012 to be a Year of Big Things? Well, there are five life events that are generally considered to be the Most Stressful:

  1. Get married. Happening in October
  2. Buy a house. Happened in March
  3. Deal with a death in the family. Happened in April
  4. Have a baby. God willing will NOT happen for a few years
  5. Change jobs.

If you were thinking, “Golly gee, I bet Becks goes for 4 out of 5!” – you’re correct. Over the course of my vacation, I got a callback on an interview and have accepted a new day job.

What was I doing before? Web content marketing for an advertising company.

What will I be doing now? Going back to copy editing, which I did for almost six years right out of college, but this time for a different advertising company. And now with the opportunity to build the position from the ground up since no one else is doing that job at the moment.

Why the switch? I can be a pretty structured person. I get a lot of satisfaction out of things like cleaning the house and weeding the garden because there are visible, tangible results. Copy editing is a lot like weeding a garden, and it’s a little bit of art and a little bit of science. I enjoy it, and I’m glad to be going back to it.

What does this mean for Writer!Becks? Mostly, it means I won’t be around online as much. I anticipate that this job is going to be busy and stressful, especially starting out as I will be a department of one, and I don’t foresee having any time during the day to be on Twitter and things like that. I’ll keep an eye out for mentions, DMs and on the hash tag in the evenings, but there will be some scale back. That doesn’t mane I’m not keeping track of ya’ll and your super-awesome writing projects – it just means I won’t be quite as vocal. But I’ll be there, lurking, cheering you on.

Okay…anything else? That’s pretty much it. Did some preliminary sketching on the new WIP while on vacation, but most of my time not playing Euchre or hanging with my family was spent reading. (Psst: Go read Ship Breaker. I thought it was wonderful.)

6 thoughts on “The Return of Becks: Of Vacations, Real-Life Changes and Twitter

  1. *loves* I’m really proud of you. But I will probably have to go through Becks withdrawals. So expect DM spam and texts 😛 ❤

    I'm really excited for you to start this!

  2. Sounds like a blast. And hey, at least you’re getting the stressful things done all at once! Sometimes, I think it’s easier the more you have to do, because you don’t have TIME to freak out about it as much! *hugs*
    Awesome on the copy editing job, sounds like something you’ll enjoy much more! (And good luck on the editing service! You’re awesome at it, so hopefully it won’t overwhelm you TOO much!)

    1. Yeah, might as well pile it on, right? Get it all over with at once? 🙂 And thanks, I don’t plan on letting it overwhelm me, especially not when I need time to write new WIPs. If it gets to be too much, I’ll have to adjust things.

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