Kicking Off #WriteMotivation July: Plotting, #VoiceTeam and Repurposed Stories

Gah! It’s July! Who let July in here? I never approved this.

And since it is both (a) Monday and (b) hotter-than-the-seedy-underbelly-of-Hades in most of the country, let’s start this post off on the right note…with the Doctor:

Look at him! That just makes me happy. Happy enough to get on with the goals already!

  1. Finish plotting and start drafting Code Title: BIG BEN. I honestly, truly meant to make a big dent in this yesterday, but I also had crits that I had promised to Brenda Drake’s DOGGONE VOICE WORKSHOP over at her blog which took longer than I had thought they would. Not that I’m complaining – there are some great entries and writers over there working hard. I expect many of them to have fabulous success stories soon! Still, I didn’t quite come blazing out of the gates. I have ground to make up on world-building, character sketches and plot outlines.
  2. Finish all remaining crits. Still have a couple in my email, but I knocked out a BIG chunk of this by going through the #VoiceTeam crits yesterday. If you have a chance, definitely check them out – if only to see where all the judges agree and differ on feedback. It’s very interesting.
  3. Brainstorm potential alternate beginnings and/or other revisions to PD. I should probably just leave well enough alone, but I really feel like I’m missing something, that there has to be another way to open the story and make those first two chapters stronger. It’s nothing urgent – just something I want to play around with – but it’ll probably keep me from entering the Christmas in July contest being run by Michelle Krys and Ruth L. Steven. They’ve got some awesome agents participating, though, including K.T.’s, so definitely check it out.

One I didn’t think of in time to send to K.T.: Look into repurposing an old fanfic.

Let me explain: On a walk this past week, The Man and I were discussing the fact that it’s crazy how E.L. James is making over $1 million a week off of, essentially, publishing fanfiction. He said, half-joking, “You should do that.”

Flash back about 10 years ago: I, like many authors, wrote fanfiction. Mainly OC (original character) centered stories so I could pretend I was running around in my favorite fandoms. Some Newsies way back in the day, some Spike/OC Buffy stories in high school that went to the Spike Girls Yahoo! Group (I was Celtic Spike), and one-and-a-half Harry Potter stories that I penned around the time I was 19 or so. 2002-ish, let’s say, when the HP fandom was just wicked intense. It was a very angsty romance and actually got a little bit of a following. Paltry as compared to the BNFs who were running things during that time period, but they were dedicated and I hearted all of them.

When The Man mentioned repurposing fanfiction, it’s the Harry Potter story that immediately came to mind. I pulled it up this weekend and looked through it, and it’s not actually half bad in some areas. Not great, but not terrible. And since it mainly follows an OC – and I wasn’t terribly skilled at writing the HP players in-character – there is room to give it a facelift and have it be a perfectly serviceable (if, albeit, dark) romance.

I’m not 100% sure what I’m doing with it yet – hell, maybe nothing – but it’s an intriguing idea anyway. Anyone out there with experience reading romance? Because this would be a *brand-new* genre area for me. šŸ™‚

And now, to further make your Monday more hilarious:

22 thoughts on “Kicking Off #WriteMotivation July: Plotting, #VoiceTeam and Repurposed Stories

  1. I’ve never wrote fanfiction. Probably wouldn’t even know how! šŸ™‚ But, daggum it, you’re not supposed to make money off fanfic! I know that at least! grrrrrrr
    anyway, good luck with reviving your old stuff. Because you used OCs maybe you can mutate it enough to not be fanfic and make a ton of money anyway
    *hands you cookies*
    YAY for goals! Hope you are enjoying your new job!

    1. No, I agree – fanfiction itself should never be published for money-making purposes. Nor do I think doing a simple find/replace on character names in fanfiction is 100% legit either. If I do anything with this old story, it’s probably going to need to cannabalized in order to make it work. šŸ™‚

      So far so good on the job! There’s a definite learning curve, but I’m getting there!

  2. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! one of my favorite faces smiling at me (he was smiling at me, right?) just made my day all the better. so glad this is a #writemotivation month! and so much info on contests, etc. aeiii! i’ve got to get to work!

  3. I don’t think I actually ever wrote fanfiction on paper, but I sure as heck wrote it in my head! šŸ˜‰ When I get into a world and set of characters, I get SO sucked in I feel like they’re all my friends… which makes me sound a bit of a saddo I realise, but there you have it. And any post that starts off with David Tennant’s gorgeous face is SUPERB in my book! I won’t even get started on the 50 Shades phenomenon because if you can’t say something nice… šŸ˜‰ With your OCs I think it would be a completely different scenario – good luck with that and with all your goals!

    1. Yeah, to be honest, the stories would have to be gutted in order to strip them of any HP-related stuff. It’ll be a project in and of itself for sure!

      Thanks! Good luck with your goals, too!

  4. Repurpose that fanfic! Go for it! You might have the bones of a long story already written! Let us know how you get on.

    Fellow writemotivation person here, come to cheer you on!

  5. Awesome goals!! And I love the idea of revisiting a fanfic! I have a ton of HP fanfics (yep I was one of those Potter maniacs) and one in particular that I have debated turning into a full fledged novel for years. I look at it as a bare bones sketch to a great novel. But like you, it would be romance and I have very little experience writing in the genre! Happy #writemotivation!!

    1. It’s quite nerve-wracking. I’ve never considered myself to be any good at writing romance, and while it doesn’t suck quite as much as I remember, still… *blushes* Oy ve.

  6. I’m just going to stare at Ten for a moment, okay?

    Okay, I’m done.

    I read quite a bit of romance, so if you really are looking for help and/or recommendations, I would be more than happy to provide them. (A phenomenal site for romance reviews and articles is Smart Bitches, Trashy Books:

    Good luck with your goals this month!

    1. LOVE Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. Those guys are hilarious! We’ll see if I go anywhere with it, but if I decide to experiment, I might need your eyes as a beta reader.

  7. I love that .gif of the Doctor! He’s so happy to see us all!
    I once did fanfic, but it was so much that world, those characters that I can’t see it as original fiction at all. Well, maybe one of them, but… Nah. Wouldn’t work for my fanfic at all. I still say, fanfic’s great for getting people started writing. But it shouldn’t be “names changed” and published as original work. If it’s just keeping the basic concept, fine, but a reader shouldn’t be able to change the names back.

    1. I know, right? Makes me happy. šŸ™‚

      I love fanfic as practice – I always had so much fun writing it. But I agree with you – a simple name-change-and-publish situation is no good. And definitely wouldn’t work in my case even if I DID think it was ethical. Ctrl+F is not a valid writing tool.

  8. I never wrote, but did read fan fiction. I guess recycling it is another way of being green. Why should good writing go to waste.

    Honestly, though I keep coming back to this post to see gleeful David Tennant. Who doesn’t miss him as the doctor?

    (Oh, and thanks again for the incredible in-line critiquing over at Brenda’s)

    1. Lol! Well, I do ā¤ the environment, so recycling stories has now become my civic duty.

      Right? I miss him ALL THE TIME. Not that Matt Smith hasn't grown on me – he has – but I wouldn't say more to new episodes with Tennant.

      No problem! Glad to be of help!

  9. I’ve already told you that I think it’s an awesome idea – bwah hah hah šŸ˜€

    Also – I know you can do this month’s goals – AND I’m here for brainstorming and or plushies when needed šŸ˜€

  10. #WriteMotivation sounds awesome. Good luck meeting your goals! And another ginormous THANK YOU! for critiquing my DOGGONE VOICE WORKSHOP entry, Where There Is Dark. Reading and giving such amazing comments for everyone must have taken A LOT of time. Thanks for letting us all rent some space in your head for a while. šŸ˜€

    1. It is – a ton of fun. You should come hang out on the Twitter hashtag with us. We’re very nice and have cookies!

      It did take time, but it was also loads of fun because I got to read some great entries – like yours! šŸ™‚ I’m just glad I was able to help.

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