Twitter and #WriteMotivation Hiatus + Thank Yous

In case you missed it, this morning I received some rather heart-breaking news. It involves my immediate family, so I’m not going to disclose all the details. I am very, very close with them – my parents and my sisters – and I will only say that we have suffered a loss.

Right now, they need whatever energy and strength I have, so you will not see me on Twitter or doling out any #writemotivation for the next couple of days at least. That being said, I am so, so grateful for the outpouring of support ya’ll gave me.

Huge hugs and thanks to my lovely friends below (kind of a mix of your guys’ Twitter handles and actual names…)
Feaky Snucker
Darci Cole
Lady Jai
Angi Black
Rebekah Loper
Marieke Nijkamp
Leigh Caroline
K.T. Hanna
Sarah L. Blair
Brenda Drake
M. Andrew Patterson
Avery Marsh
Summer Heacock
Erica Monroe
Tristina Wright
J.C. Gregorio
Simon Brodie
Derek Chivers
Abigail Kern
Jennifer Iacopelli

9 thoughts on “Twitter and #WriteMotivation Hiatus + Thank Yous

  1. *hugs* I know words like sorry are hollow, so I’ll simply say we’re thinking of you, and if you need an ear, mine’s always available. ❤ Much love, hon.

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