July #WriteMotivation: Limping to the Finish Line and Looking to August

Well…I didn’t exactly make it to the end with #writemotivation this month. After the rough spot in the middle, I couldn’t get back on track with the posts and keeping up with all of your guys’ check-ins. I’m very sorry about that, but I did get to quite a few of you here at the end and it looks like it was a fairly successful month for many of you.

I didn’t do too bad, considering:

  1. Finish plotting and start drafting Code Title: BIG BEN. I’ve got names and backstories for a lot of the main characters, including the leader of the crew of thieves, and the main structure of the plot is coming into focus. I didn’t get start drafting, but that’s okay. You guys, I am excited about this story and also seriously nervous. My next two WIP ideas are just kind of on another level that make me nervous that I can’t pull them off. Which is why I’ve started printing off Chuck Wendig’s penmonkey advice – like, for example, his post today about caring less. A sample, you say? How about this shizzle:

    You free yourself by caring less. By dumping the dueling goblins of Fear and Expectation out the back of a C-130 and into the mouth of an open and active volcano named Mount Don’t-Give-A-Shit.

    Now go read the rest!

  2. Finish all remaining crits.
  3. Brainstorm potential alternate beginnings and/or other revisions to PD. Have I mentioned how much I love The Man? I do. He’s super-creative and an avid reader and my best critic, and he’s starting to read through PD. A week or so ago, he came upstairs where I was cooking and went, “What if you did such-and-such.” And I went, “YES, I LOVE IT!” He’s awesome like that. I’m not doing anything until he’s finished his critique, though, and then I will apply said revisions
  4. Repurposing old fanfic.

For August, my goals look fairly similar:

  1. Plot BIG BEN and start drafting.
  2. Collect critique of PD mid-month and start on revisions.
  3. Get back on track with the blogging I’ve let slide these past couple of weeks.

That should probably fill up any time that isn’t working, exercising, wedding planning, etc. Under the three-month mark for W-Day, which means that I’m starting to get all the questions and fiddly bits are popping up to deal with. I’m trying to breathe through it and remind myself that the important part is that we both show up and are, y’know, legally married and shit by the end of the day.

Coming up on the blog this month…

  • Everything I Know About Writing I Learned From Buffy (tomorrow)
  • An up-and-coming author spotlight
  • A review of Whispers in Autumn
  • A peek into my writing past
  • Anything else that catches my opinionated eye. I’m Catwoman, okay? I’m adaptable.

Three cheers for August and, hopefully, an early and rainy autumn because I am just not meant for heat like this.

8 thoughts on “July #WriteMotivation: Limping to the Finish Line and Looking to August

  1. i think you recovered pretty well. I’M getting excited about your excitement. it’s always thrilling to push yourself farther than you thought you could go. good luck with that! we’ll be here cheering you on, no matter how scary it gets.

  2. The fact that you can even think about writing three months prior to a wedding is amazing to me. Keep moving forward and I’ll go in with you on the hope for a early, rainy Autumn – here August is the hottest and most hated month.


  3. LOL. Yes, the Man is awesome. πŸ˜€ Of course, don’t let him know that too often or his ego will get to big to fit through the door. πŸ˜€

    I’m sorry you’ve had a rough month, but I’m glad to see the positivity back. You can do this and we’re all behind you, helping you along. Why? Because you are awesome. πŸ˜€

    And yes, the important thing is that you two show up and get legally married. The rest is just froo-froo crap for everyone else. πŸ˜€

  4. *hugs* I think you did amazingly, all considered! And you can do it!! Better to stretch into bigger stories than you’re sure you’re ready for, and grow as a writer, than write something you know you can handle and stagnate. πŸ˜› (who me, talking from personal experience? Never!) ❀

  5. Don’t worry too much, you still got a lot done! Plus, being excited about your next projects is the best so I’m sure you will soon be on a writing high πŸ™‚

    Oh, and yes, don’t forget to breath! No panicking over writing or wedding planning (though that is probably easier said than done…). You can do it!

  6. I’m a bit late in replying to this because I too fell short of my July #writemotivation goal to get around to more blogs and more cheerleading than I did before, but I think the good thing that these monthly goals is reminding me is that there will always be room to grow, and if I tick everything off, I might slip into some sort of complacency. Which would not be cool.

    Not far until the big day!! I hope all the last minute ends get tied up so that you have time before the big week to relax and chill out. ENJOY enjoy enjoy!! The week before, the week of, and the week after my wedding were the most awesome times I’ve yet to experience, and I’m still riding on that high, and I wish the same for you! I’ll pass on what the Reverend who conducted our ceremony said to us a few weeks beforehand: “It’s your day, do things how you want, and everyone else can go to hell.” She was pretty awesome.

    Hope your August is going swell!

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