Get Ready for a Query Letter Workshop!

Query Letter Workshop

August 20 -21

Brenda Drake has headed up another fantastic workshop – this one is for the dreaded query letter. She’s sweet-talked three other editors and writers to help her critique forty query letters. All genres and finished or not quite finished manuscripts welcomed. We’ll choose forty names from the Rafflecopter and critique two a day for five days on our blogs.

Here are the fantabulous critiquers…

Brenda Drake

Twitter: @brendadrake

If you don’t know Brenda yet, you want to. Aside from the fact that I love a fellow sarcastic blonde, she also generously spends loads of her time and energy creating contests and opportunities to help out aspiring authors. She’s represented by the fabulous Lauren Hammond and her debut novel LIBRARY JUMPERS is being published by Month 9 Books in 2014.

Marieke Nijkamp

Twitter: @mariekeyn

If Marieke offers to read and crit your manuscript, say yes. Known throughout Twitter for giving eye-opening, on-the-nose feedback for how to enhance a story, she’s also a skilled writer of MG and YA fantasy. When she’s not writing or critting, she says she watches a lot of Doctor Who and searches for stray TARDISes, which are both activities I can’t get behind 100%.

Sarah Nicolas

Twitter: @Sarah_Nicolas

Sarah does everything. She’s a contributor with YATopia and YA Rebels, as well as being an editor of Sift Book Reviews and an intern at Entangled Publishing. She writes YA fantasy and science fiction and believes that some boys are worth trusting, all girls have power, and dragons are people too. So, basically, a girl after my own heart.

And me! I’ll be the fourth critique host!

Sign up with the Rafflecopter on Brenda’s blog here.

We’ll post instructions and choose winners on Friday, August 17. Be prepared to email your query that day because whoever doesn’t send theirs in by the allotted time, will lose their spot.

**My free WordPress-y goodness does not mesh with Rafflecopter, so you can go to any of the other critiquers to use their blogs. It all goes into the same contestant pool.

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