In Which I Make a Post About a Cause I Believe in

I’m about to get all up in your business about A Cause. If this offends you, if you get irritated when some random person on the Internet that you follow for funsies talks about Serious Business Stuff, this is your opportunity to exit. I won’t judge you. That Back button is your right damnit.

Those of you still here: I am not a very political person. I am a registered independent, and I don’t talk about Democrats or Republicans or anything like that usually because politics make my head and soul ache.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have causes I feel passionately about. For example, I am passionate about gay marriage rights. I am passionate about my gender having freedom over their own bodies. I am passionate about equality and connecting and anything that promotes human beings reaching out to other human beings to make good ripples in their lives and improve the world just a little bit.

I’m also passionate about this:

In case you don’t want to watch the video, it goes a little something like this: There is an area in the Black Hills of South Dakota that is the most sacred place to the Lakota people. It is in their creation tale. It is where their ancestors have always gone to pray. To them, it is not something that can be owned, but when we came to this country, we took it. We made it a possession, and we traded it among people to whom it was just some hills and grass. The family who owns it now is auctioning it to the highest bidder, and unless the Great Sioux Nation can raise enough money to buy back their Center, their heart, their Mecca, it will likely go to developers. They will build a highway through it and cover it with strip malls. Where the Lakota people have worshipped, there will be a SuperTarget.

Just pretend for a second that I’m not talking about untouched land. Say I’m talking about a Christian church or a Jewish temple. Not Vatican City or Jerusalem – just a regular church or temple. If you want, we can pretend it’s about a hundred years old, so it’s logged some decent history. Can you imagine this being allowed in either of those cases? I mean, seriously? One phone call to Fox News about a God-fearing CHURCH being steamrolled, and it would be over quicker than Bill O’Reilly can scowl.

But because it’s the Lakota, because it’s “just land” and, good Lord, why leave it there when we can stick a parking lot on it, this is in danger of actually happening. After all the damage that’s been done to the native tribes, we have – apparently – yet more heartbreak to inflict on them. And it makes me want to cry.

Money’s tight. I know a lot of people don’t have cash to spare, and that’s okay. Spread the word instead. Sign the petition. Make some noise because noise can do great things. Noise can rise up. Noise can fill ears and force the mouths to stop talking. Noise can shake boulders and bring down mountains.

And there are, in my opinion, quite a few unfair mountains in our world that could use some leveling.


IMPORTANT UPDATE: From their IndieGogo page


Pe Sla has been taken off the auction block. However, the property is publicly listed. The Tribes of the Great Sioux Nation are moving forward on their own behalf with Lastrealindians, Inc. in continuing to raise money to ensure Pe’ Sla will be protected as a sacred site, forever.

Updates will continue as more information becomes available.

Please continue to give, sign, shake things up. This land may not be for auction, but it still belongs in the hands of the people to whom it is most sacred.

5 thoughts on “In Which I Make a Post About a Cause I Believe in

  1. Thanks for sharing this, and I’m going to pass it on. It’s true that those of us who don’t make a lot of noise about political leanings still have passions that are deeply important to us.

    Being half Native American myself, and having lived on a reservation for a time as a child, I have so much sorrow for all Natives who are progressively being forced to give every last ounce away of what made them who they were, and self-sufficient, for so many years.

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