The Nerd Round-Up: Band Geekery, #TheVampireDiaries and Natalie Portman

I went to a small-town high school. My graduating class had less than 100 people, which meant that there were just too few students running around to get pigeonholed into one “type.” In fact, I did pretty much everything except sports. I was an academic geek, a theater geek, a journalism geek and…wait for it…a choir and band geek.

I was in the elite choir and sang in a barbershop group, and I still love, love, love acapella harmonies. Seriously, I just have a little fangirl wiggins. Which is why I of course feel a desperate need to go see the movie Pitch Perfect that opened today. Yeah, it’s pretty much Bring It On with vocal riffs instead of high kicks, but DUDE. I’m so in. Plus, Rebel Wilson! Love her!

As for the band geekery…well, I don’t play an instrument, so technically I was never in band. I was, however, in colorguard (translation: a flag girl), and it always felt like we were much more with the band than we were with the other “spirit squads” (i.e., cheerleading and drill team). I still love a sweet marching band drum cadence and a great halftime show at college and high school football games. Which is why Ohio University’s Marching 110 is right up my alley:

All of this is bringing back some fierce high school memories. I’m actually feeling the urge to write a YA contemporary with zero magical or futuristic shit going on…

On another note…
If you haven’t seen it mentioned once or twice or eleventy times in my Twitter feed, The Man and I finally started watching, The Vampire Diaries, and I’m completely caught up in it. I’ll be honest – I was pretty doubtful when they first announced the show. I read the books back in the day, and I thought (a) there’s no way to make a whole show about a few books whose entirely plotline was an overstretched love triangle; and (b) I’m not really down with The-CW-Does-Twilight.

And then I watched it:

And I was all:

I was wrong. I admit this now. This show is soapy, supernatural crack, and I love it. I think I’m going to do a whole post next week about what I’m learning from them about writing, so I’m going to save my gushing for then, but seriously. Go watch it.

And to wrap things up…
Here’s Natalie Portman rapping on SNL. Because I like to remember this video exists and giggle over it. Oh, Natalie. Way to be awesome.

Question for the week: What was your high school geekery?

12 thoughts on “The Nerd Round-Up: Band Geekery, #TheVampireDiaries and Natalie Portman

  1. The same exact thing happened to me with TVD. I actually tried to watch it when it first came on, but it lost me after a few episodes. Fast forward to now, and suddenly I keep hearing everyone talk about TVD. So after a push, I fire up the Netflix and start watching again. And HOLY CRAP Batman! How did I ever stop watching this TV crack?! I am seriously obsessed.

    Can’t wait for you post on what you’ve learned as a writer from the show. I’ve learned a few lessons myself!

  2. I have to tell you, when I first heard about Pitch Perfect, I was like, nah (despite my own choir geekiness in high school and abiding love for choral music). Then I saw the trailer, and when Anna Kendrick just throws down with No Diggity, I immediately changed my mind. I may even see it this afternoon.

    Speaking of drum cadences, have you seen Drum Line? Horrible movie. Except for the aforementioned drum cadences.

    1. I haven’t gotten to the see it yet – did you end up going? I’ve been hearing that it’s pretty decent.

      Never seen Drum Line, but I might have to watch it some lazy afternoon. I have a feeling it’d end up being a guilty pleasure. πŸ™‚

  3. A dear friend of mine kept bugging me to watch TVD. I finally relented and picked up the first season at the library. I haven’t read the books, but I’m just not a vampire person and of course assumed it was another Edward/Bella thingy. Can’t speak for the books, but the TV Show is freakin’ awesome! The only thing I hate is that I am up to date and have to wait on a week to week basis. Totally sucks LOL!

    And Rebel Wilson had me at horizontal running……

    1. I wouldn’t recommend the books if you’re not a vampire kinda gal. It’s mostly just about the love triangle, unlike the TV show which has expanded a whole fictional universe.

  4. Oh my. That’s a 3+ margarita movie to me. As in, I’d have to consume that many of them to watch it. (Who am I kidding, I probably WILL watch that, just on DVD.) I wanted to be a choir geek in high school, but it was the same class period as my AP English, and I wasn’t giving up my nerdy English classes for anything. I made up for it in college, taking it all but one semester (and that was only because of a scheduling conflict). Only 2 of those were for credit, I’d just show up after that and the teacher never cared. πŸ˜›

    1. Ha! I love it! πŸ™‚ I stopped singing a lot after high school, honestly. I dabbled in doing some stuff for church, but I just never took to it the same. Now, I pretty much only sing in the car and the shower. Occasionally in the kitchen when I’m washing dishes.

  5. Total band/color guard nerd – right here!!! I didn’t even hear about this movie until a few days ago – and I can’t wait to see it!! I ❀ Fat Amy!!

  6. I was totally a choir nerd in high school. I want to see “Pitch Perfect” just because the director is also the man who brought us “Avenue Q.”

    Also, I think that B&W .gif there is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

    1. What the what? I didn’t know the director was involved in “Avenue Q.” Interest level is now at eleventy!

      Yeah, I love that gif. Works for so many occasions.

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