The Mantra of No

The ever-so-talented Leigh Caroline has now turned this into a graphic poem!


Sometimes it’s okay to say no.

Repeat this. Again. Once more. Over and over.

You can say no.

It does not make you weak. It does not make you a failure.

It does not mean you are a loser.

No is not a weak word.

No is a strong word. It stops, it carves, it defines limits.

It creates your boundaries with stones.

It can give you strength.


You can give more because you’re losing less.

Concentrating more.

Your no is yours alone.

Do not let anyone mock you for your no. Or make you feel guilty.

No is yours to define, not theirs.

Their boundaries are not your boundaries.

Their limits are not your limits.

You cannot be all things to all people.

It will just end in being nothing to any people.

No is not about being mean.

No is about being honest.

For yourself.

For those who love you.

Sometimes you must say no.


**Note: I don’t have a funny gif for this one. This is more just me learning lessons about over-extending my crazy-ass life.

8 thoughts on “The Mantra of No

  1. The people in your life who truly care will understand the importance of no. Whether they are saying it, or hearing it. No is many different things to many different people. The trick is realizing what the word ‘no’ means to you. Lovely post. And thank you in advance…you know, for the kind no.

  2. So, so true and awesome! Though I’ve gotten a lot better at it than I used to be, it’s often hard for me to say no if it’s something that I can do and isn’t much trouble. (I may add this to my writing inspiration file, and make a pretty graphics version of it to print out later, if you don’t mind.)

  3. I was so proud of myself this weekend! Another writing challenge and another contest presented themselves, and I actually said “no” to both in order to focus on finishing up the projects I already have in the works! This is a huge accomplishment for me! 🙂

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