Top 12 Posts of 2012

It’s a few days from New Year’s and, therefore, a perfect opportunity to look back on what’s past before we turn our eyes forward to 2013. I’ve spent over a year now back in the writing world, building this blog, meeting awesome people both here and on Twitter, struggling, falling, helping (hopefully), and climbing back up again.

2012 was a big year. A great year. A memorable year. A lot of changes, a lot of ridiculously awesome moments (including one whole day in particular), some heartbreak, a few regrets. I’m ready for 2013, although I’m not sure what I think of it yet. It seems like it ought to be quieter – smaller changes, more blah-blah-the-usual – but I suspect it’s just planning on being sneakier. That I just can’t see the changes coming. I see you over there, 2013 – I’m onto your shenanigans. *EPIC SIDE EYE*

One thing with 2012 is that I finally found my voice with this blog and garnered some decently solid traffic, so I thought I might do a recap of the most successful entries to-date. Here are Peculiar Light’s top 12 posts of 2012:

#TheWritersVoice: Building Your Twitter Pitch #WVTP
From way back in May, I offered up a consolidated list of advice on how to trim your book’s plot into a 140-character pitch for the Twitter party and then let everyone use the comment thread to trade pitches and give advice. This one got a HUGE traffic boost after Vickie Motter linked to it in her blog (at which point I freaked out and felt like kind of a big deal for a few short moments).

Here’s the Thing: The Trouble with Published Fanfiction – An Open Letter to the Publishing Industry
Several of the top posts are the ones I make when I’m feeling foot-stompingly mad and opinionated, and this is a fine example. With the success of 50 Shades of Gray starting a new trend in publishing houses snatching up successful fanfiction and re-tuning them for publication, I took my stand on, what in my opinion is, copyright infringement.

Here’s the Thing: All Vaginas Are Not the Same
Once upon a time, a really stupid article made some really stupid assumption about Chicks and The Chick Stuff That Chicks Like. And I got mad. So mad that a Twitter rant wasn’t enough, and I had to tell Hollywood and all media outlets just what I thought of their unendingly stupid analyses of women.

Everything I Know About Writing I Learned from Buffy
The title is fairly self-explanatory on this one: Buffy has been a major influence on me, the stories I like and my writing. So I penned this tribute, complete with reasons why it was – and still is – so fucking awesome.

Up-and-Coming Spotlight: Interview with Leigh Ann Kopans
When the lovely and supportive Leigh Ann got her agent, her her fantastic faith and fortitude were inspiring, so I had to interview her!

What The Vampire Diaries Has Taught Me About Plotting
The Man and I started to watch the fast-paced, addictive-like-crack drama of The Vampire Diaries, and before we’d finished the first season, I’d learned a thing or two from the ballsy writers penning the show – things about plotting, pacing and not holding back.

Here’s the Thing: I Just Want to Read Some Great F—ing Stories
Since the self-publishing surge started, it’s really felt like you had to pick a side: either you were with traditional publishing and traditionally published authors – or you were one of the “those people” who supported self-publishing. I refuse to pick a side. Not now, not ever. I just want to read good fucking books.

Here’s the Thing: Contests Aren’t Really About the Agents
In the middle of contest mania this past fall, it felt like some of the real, tangible important benefits of contests were getting lost. You might not get an agent out of contest – in fact, odds are you probably won’t – but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth entering.

The Nerd Round-Up: Band Geekery, #TheVampireDiaries and Natalie Portman
I’m going to be honest: I’m pretty sure this one ranks simply because there’s a picture of Ian Somerhalder in it.

#PitchWars: Find a Coach. Hone Your Pitch. Rock Some Agents’ Brains.
The opening salvo for the fantastic new contest conceptualized by the amazing Brenda Drake (who is beyond supportive and has brought me in on an amazing co-authoring project). It made for a crazy couple of weeks after Thanksgiving, but the result is that I’m getting to work with the adorable and talented Sarah Henning on her twisty, gory foodie thriller.

Spotlight with Author Trisha Leigh + The Last Year Giveaway
Did you know that author Trisha Leigh is awesome? Because she is. And talented to boot. I fell in love with The Last Year series – Whispers in Autumn, Winter Omens and Betrayals in Spring, so far – and Trisha was nice enough to submit to an interview and provide some awesome answers to my nosy questions.

Here’s the Thing Part Deux: On Self-Publishing and Why It Often Crosses My Mind
A follow-up to the one about just wanting to read some great fucking stories, I take a look at the self-publishing movement because – to be honest – I’ve been looking at it A LOT, and there are some strong arguments for an independent publishing path.

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