Happy 2013! What I’m Planning + Photos From My Best Day of 2012

I’ve got no complaints about 2012. It was a usual year-like mix of good days and bad days, bitter and sweet, rough parts and smooth parts.

But it rises above all that rollercoaster crap because in October 2012, this happened:

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That’s pretty much the *drops mic* moment of the year for me. I got to marry my best friend. And someday in the near future, I hope everyone in every state in the U.S. will have the same opportunity to marry THEIR best friend, regardless of gender.

I bandied about with idea of doing resolutions for 2013 like I usually do, but somehow it hasn’t felt right. It’s seemed too constricting, and I’m getting the feeling that to get through this year, I’ll need to be flexible. To be able to bend and shift any goals in response to sneaky changes that I can’t see yet.

So instead of making a list of all the stuff I’m going to do, pounds I’m going to lose, words I’m going to write, etc., I’m going to put up one general goal.

I will not procrastinate.
Because tomorrow is not guaranteed. And my dreams aren’t going to make themselves come true – I’ve got to sculpt them out of blood, sweat and ether.

So, 2013, I plan to be flexible and productive.

And we’re gonna start with the productivity today, with cleaning and outlining.

I wish all of you a very happy new year! Go be awesome and make 2013 your bitch.

15 thoughts on “Happy 2013! What I’m Planning + Photos From My Best Day of 2012

    1. Each of the groomsmen had a different nerdy item – Stargate dogtag, broadsword, Star Trek communicator, Serenity keychain… My friend put them together, and they were AMAZING.

  1. Those pictures are gorgeous! *giggles* Such geeky happiness! And so true about the flexibility. ❤ Happy new year hon!

  2. Aww, congratulations on your wedding! You looked gorgeous. My husband and I also got married in the month of October (in 2010) – it’s seriously the best month. 🙂

    Happy New Year, and good luck with not procrastinating and being productive in 2013!

    1. Thank you! He’s a very talented guy and did a great job capturing the day.

      And as for the paper flowers, I didn’t make them – I bought them off of Etsy. I can’t find the page again, but I went on the site and searched for “paper flowers” and “paper roses.”

  3. The pictures are gorgeous!

    And not procrastinating is an EXCELLENT goal. I think my biological clock is starting to tick, because the past few months I’ve just started thinking “You know, I’m closer to 30 now than I am to 25. We’re going to want kids soon. I have books to write, and gardens to plant, and it is time to get the ball rolling.”

    So yeah, I think my general overall goal is not procrastinating, also. I just gave myself more specific goals to keep myself focused :D.

  4. Gorgeous photos – it looks like you had an amazing day! And I love all the thought that went into the details… like the “nerdy items”, heheh 😀 It’s the absolute coolest when a couple really personalise their day in that kind of way. Congratulations!

  5. when you said you were going to geek out your wedding, girl, you weren’t kidding! what fabulousness! such beautiful pics! and could you guys look any happier? uh, no. love your goals for the year. my only goal is to keep doing things that scare the crap out of me and challenge me – in a good way, of course.

  6. Hello lovie!
    I am a nerdy bride who has been fumbling with fake flowers and a sonic screwdriver keychain for two weeks now!! How in the word did you make the sonic visible like that with ALL the floral wire hidden??

    1. Hello! There’s actually no floral wire. There’s essentially a popsicle stick as a backing, and then we used a hot glue gun to attach the fake flowers to that and the sonic screwdriver on top. Then we hot glued a pin attachment to the back.

  7. I am so happy you commented on the boutonniere. I am getting married in 3 1/2 months and I want to surprise my fiance with this but I am not very crafty; yet your method seems pretty near impossible to goof up…. Can’t wait to make it! THANK YOU BUNCHES!!!

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