This Freaking Holiday

Look, I know what Valentine’s Day is “supposed to be.” I know what the candy and diamond and flower and fine dining companies want you to believe it is:


Screw them, okay?

I’ve never been much of a romance girl, and The Man and I don’t really do anything special for it. The most awesome thing about Valentine’s Day since I was a kid is that my dad would buy each of us a card: his wife and all three daughters. Because he likes giving cards and because he loves his family.

So, to me, Valentine’s Day isn’t solely about romantic love. It isn’t about couples and Men showing the Emotional Women how they can shell out with gifts.

It’s about all forms of love. Parental love. Sibling love. Friend love. Love for grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins. Passionate, sparking love and slow-burning love. Love for that person who always gives us their seat on the subway. Love for the people all around us who serve and have dedicated their lives to putting everyone else first.

Love is the best goddamn thing humans do. It’s the only thing that keeps this world from spinning into madness. And we should recognize it every minute, but most of the time, we don’t. So I’m okay with setting aside this one day to remind us:

Love, actually, is…everywhere.

10 thoughts on “This Freaking Holiday

  1. I ❤ you!! 😀

    And yes, I totally agree with your statements! I don't like all the guilt-tripping and price gouging that goes on around this time of year! If you love someone, anyone, you tell them every day of the year!

  2. one of my faves. love it. i grew up with a single dad who always told me that v-day was nothing more than commercial bullshit. i don’t know if that was just because he always dated more than one woman at a time and didn’t like complicating things further or if he truly believed it, but i took it to heart regardless. it worked for me. i seemed to have passed that message on quite well to my own young one.

  3. I just ranted about this topic on Facebook. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be for couples. I didn’t even know some people thought it was, when I was growing up. I say ignore the commercials prompting you to spend money and use the day as a reminder to tell your family and friends how much they mean to you.

  4. I actually love the aura that surrounds Valentine’s Day. As a kid I made valentines for my siblings and friends, and I always saw it as a chance to spread sweet anecdotes to everyone special in my life. Like Christmas or Thanksgiving, the commercialism is crap, but it’s nice to have a reminder to stop and tell people you love them.

  5. I spent three V-Day’s working for Godiva, and I’m convinced the holiday was started by Hallmark and is now subsidized by chocolate companies worldwide. I always get a card from my parents (LOVE) and yes, the BF and I exchange cards. But why do we need a separate day to remind us to tell someone we love them? You should remember to do that on your own, and do it every day.

  6. Once I quit bemoaning the whole “I don’t have a Valentine” thing and started focusing on telling my friends and family how much they mean to me, I started enjoying Valentine’s Day a whole lot more. I’ve been so very blessed to have a number of awesome people in my life.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too, Becca, and thank you for all the consistently awesome posts. 🙂

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