The Sum Of Us

As we’ve discussed, I’m an impatient person.

I’m petty and judgmental and jealous. I have road rage. I’m vain. I get angry easily and passive-aggressive even easier. I’m anxious and neurotic and paranoid.

Deep inside me, there are demons with horrible faces, locked inside cages with no keys, testing the bars every day to try to find a way out.

I don’t let them out, though, because they are not the sum of me.

I’m more than my flaws. I work to rise above them. I know that the other parts of me are worth the struggle to keep those demons in their prisons.

Parts like empathy. Like love and compassion. Like intelligence, curiosity and growth. Like strength and courage and willpower, creativity and imagination and heart.

Most of the people out there are like this: flawed but rising. Just trying to reach up and pull themselves a little higher. This doesn’t just apply to one nation or one belief system. This isn’t about ethnicity or birthplace, whether you believe in one god or dozens or none.

This is the human condition.

Humanity has demons with horrible faces. It has flaws, dark spots, things that ought to stay caged but sometimes creep out.

They are not the sum of us. They only become the sum of us when we let them. When we stop loving, giving, helping, hugging, reaching out, stepping up.

When we stop rising.

7 thoughts on “The Sum Of Us

  1. Hi Becca, I really liked this, as well as your cat post! (I also would snatch up that cat, despite my allergies, let it make my life miserable, and regret it.) Thank you for your honest posts. 🙂

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