What’s Up Wednesday

ButtonSmallBorderMuch thanks to Jaime Morrow for this wonderful meme! Go check out her own What’s Up Wednesday post!

What I’m Reading
I’ve been working my way through North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell, mostly because I’m somewhat obsessed with the BBC miniseries with the delicious Richard Armitage as John Thornton. I finished it last night, in time to give the book back to my mother-in-law when she visits this weekend.

I’m also trying to catch up on the manuscripts that have been long-neglected on my Kindle. I think they’ll be the reading focus for the coming week.

What I’m Writing
I outlined some revision ideas for PECULIAR DARK and got some feedback from CPs on it, but PD is still backburnered while I let it stew and make sure I don’t rush it stupidly forward. I broke 15K on my adult science fiction WIP, Big Ben, and I’ve managed to get character sketches together for a new project – a serial. Trying to plot a serial has been a really interesting mental exercise because I keep trying to attack it like a regular novel and draw big arcs. But the episodic nature of serials require a different angle, a different focus. You have to format dozens of little arcs and stories that BUILD to a big arc.

I’m also jumping in and out of revisions for my co-project with Brenda Drake. It’s kind of a relief to jump into Ryan’s head for AFTER PARTY because I know him so well now. Revisions are just my thing. *huggles revisions*

What Inspires Me Right Now
This is a tough one because I haven’t been feeling very inspired this week. I think part of that has been regular life busy-ness, but I can’t use that as an excuse. Writing what I want, when I want has been inspiring the past few weeks and has refreshed me, but I think – like all indulgences – it’s starting to hit that point where it’s not so good for me. So we’ll see what happens with this in the coming weeks.

I think I can safely say that this song is hella inspiring me for Big Ben. And I definitely need a little boost on that story at the moment.

What Else I’ve Been Up To

  • The Man and I have are usually rotating cadre of shows. We’re trying to finish up Burn Notice, but I think we’re both a little over it at this point. The central character doesn’t seem to be evolving, nor are his relationships with the other characters. The only draw at this point is Bruce Campbell being awesome… We started watching Continuum instead, a Canadian scifi show  that has some interesting world-building and likable characters. I’m hoping it continues to develop and deepen both of these aspects.
  • The weather is warm enough (every now and then – we’re supposed to have freaking snow tomorrow) that I’m going outside more to run. I’m really not great at running and I hate it, but it’s a new goal to try to work up to 3 miles. I can run…1 mile right now. That’s it. And it takes me awhile, and I suck air despite the fact that I work out all the time. I need to fix this running stuff.
  • Speaking of the outdoors, The Man and I have vowed to be better gardeners this year – with both decorative plants and vegetables. We tried last year, but the extra-hot, drought-y summer didn’t do us any favors and we kinda let things slide. No longer! *raises fist*
  • Oh, and I only have one more week of dog-sitting this sweet but rather destructive lab. I’ll be quite happy to turn him back over to his family…

So what have you been up to lately?

5 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. Another NORTH AND SOUTH fan! I have to confess I’ve only seen the miniseries (and loved it), but I do have plans to read the book. I’ve read MARY BARTON by Gaskell and really enjoyed as well. Speaking of Richard Armitage and that miniseries, I found this video on YouTube of the final scene at the train station (just music and no dialogue) and I watch it probably way more than I should.

    That’s fantastic that you’re plotting a serial. I can’t imagine how challenging that would be. Good for you for giving it a try! 🙂

    1. Oh, god…that closing scene. *fans self* I rewatch it often as well. The Armitage Smoulder CANNOT be denied.

      “Look back. Look back at me.” *swoon*

  2. I love NORTH & SOUTH, both the book and the miniseries. And yeah, that has a lot to do with Richard Armitage. I mean, seriously, he even managed to make dwarves sexy in THE HOBBIT. That’s an awesome remix by The Glitch Mob. I have another remix of theirs on my writing playlist, so I might have to snag this one too. Perfect for writing sci-fi. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. a mile is .9999 more miles than I can run!! (I get horrible shin splints even powerwalking. My stride’s screwy, but I haven’t found shoes that fix it yet!). Burn Notice bored me but oooh look, explosions!! (which is one thing I like in mindless TV). Also, take wine or sake or whatever large glass bottles, drill small holes through their lids, and fill them with water, then put them at the base of your plants (either in the pot or scattered every few plants in the garden if it’s in the ground). They’re like giant water globes, and they’ll keep the plants watered longer because they can draw it through the roots, and you lose less to evaporation. (And during the height of TX summers, I refilled them daily with my pots.

  4. ) also, my week has been a fight with boredom at work, but I talked my boss into letting me work on the computer at work on my own shit, so life is good. XD (hit enter too soon)

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