Query/First Page Critique Workshop to Benefit Oklahoma

If you haven’t heard already, there was a major tornado that rolled through the Oklahoma City region on May 20th. This tornado was an EF-5 category with winds at approximately 200 miles per hour and a base that was over a mile wide. Which means everywhere it went – and it was on the ground for approximately 40 minutes – it “ate” up a mile-and-a-quarter worth of homes, schools and businesses. At the time I’m typing this, 24 people have been declared dead with that toll expected to rise. Many more are at area hospitals in critical condition.

So here’s my plan: I’ve been pondering running a critique workshop, so now I’m going to run one for charity. You donate to one of the organizations sending disaster relief help to Oklahoma – American Red Cross, Feeding America, Operation USA, Samaritan’s Purse – and you’re entered into the workshop. That’s it.

I am being joined by the fabulous, amazing, generous Dahlia Adler, Marieke Nijkamp, Brenda Drake, K.T. Hanna, Elizabeth Prats, Jennifer Malone, Michelle Painchaud, Nazarea AndrewsHeather Webb, Molly Lee, Angi Black, Irene Rose, Francesca Zappia, Krista Van DolzerDee Romito, S.M. JohnstonKimberly Chase and Natalie Parker, who will be helping me field crits.


  • This is open to pretty much anybody. Your query or first page can be adult, YA, NA, MG or PB – doesn’t matter – but you must be willing to have your query or first page displayed on this blog.
  • You have from the time of this posting until 11:00 PM EST/8:00 PM PST on Saturday, May 25th, to enter.
  • You are entered as soon as you email me a copy of your donation receipt or some other form of verification that you’ve donated.
  • There is a minimum donation amount of $10.00 USD. For regional donations, please use the Moore, OK, zip code of 73160.
  • Once I’ve received your verification, I will email you back to confirm your entry, and you will send me EITHER your query or your first 250 words to be critiqued.
  • Entries will be critted by either myself or one of my fantastic helpers, and I will post them on this blog next week*.

There is no limit to the entries at this point, and the only qualification is that you give a little support to the Oklahoma tornado victims who desperately need help rebuilding their lives. If you don’t have a query or first page to workshop, keep an eye on this website as Beth Fred is setting up a charity auction in the coming days.

Here are donation links**:

And the workshop entry email again: critsforcharity@gmail.com

PLEASE NOTE: The charities listed above are options but are NOT the only acceptable charities. All I’m looking for is some verification that you donated to an organization that’s helping out with Oklahoma disaster relief.

*This is somewhat contingent on how popular this workshop gets. If I get a billion entries, obviously I won’t be able to post them all next week. I will have to space them out.

**All of these charities have been double-checked for their credibility using charitynavigator.org.

10 thoughts on “Query/First Page Critique Workshop to Benefit Oklahoma

  1. I’m planning on donating to my Rotary district’s fund for Moore relief. If I forward my receipt from that, will it still count for entering into the workshop?

  2. To everyone participating in this…..Y’ALL ROCK! What an amazing thing you are doing. Just reinforces how awesome the writing community it 🙂

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