This Is My New Years Post

So I wasn’t going to write a New Years post…but then I really wanted to write a New Years post. Mainly because I rather like this holiday for a variety of reasons, not the least of which because so many people use it to try to refocus their lives and themselves. 

Also, I’m a big fan of paid holidays from work.

So here’s where I take a look at 2013 and what I did or didn’t do. And I don’t necessarily think 2013 was my most productive year, despite that being my resolution last January, but I also have decided that I am rather hard on myself (shocking, I know) and it wasn’t nearly as much of a mess as I thought.

I wrote a brand-new book. I can get on my own case about how I meant to have more than one done, but the fact is I still wrote one – and one that I think has a lot of merit and potential.

I wrote half of another book with my co-author Brenda Drake, and I’m pretty stoked about its prospects for 2014. 

I contributed to the Our Write Mind collaboration with K.T. Hanna and Leigh Caroline that pushed me to write short fiction – almost flash fiction – which is something I haven’t done a lot of recently. It’s been good, though, and I think it’s helped me log even more ideas to potentially explore in the future.

I started freelance copy editing in earnest and gained some really wonderful clients who are just lovely to work with. Seriously, go check out their gorgeous books; a lot of them have new books coming out this coming year, too. I’ve learned a lot about running this side business over the course of the year, and juggling it with the day job and writing is sometimes challenging. But it’s ridiculously rewarding to feel like I’m helping authors put that finishing polish on something they’ve worked so hard on.

On that note, I also signed on as a copy editor for Spencer Hill Contemporary, which has been awesome and it means I get to work alongside my lovely fellow copy editors Sarah Henning and Dahlia Adler.

I also realized this year what a great group of writers and book lovers from all over the world I’ve gotten to meet, both online and in person, and it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. If I could, I’d hug every single one of you. And so many of you have exciting new books coming out in 2014, so I’m budgeting for it all RTFN.

On a personal level, The Man and I adopted a dog, took a lot of vacations with our families, watched a lot of Stargate, and became an aunt and uncle. We’re doubling-down on the whole aunt and uncle thing in 2014, too, with another niece or nephew on the way, and I’m ridiculously excited. To be honest, the life-y ups and downs were minor, which was nice, but my gut is telling me that’s not going to hold in 2014. I have a feeling the sailing forecast for the upcoming year will be less smooth, for good or ill, but there’s nothing I can really do but weather it however it goes.

I’m not going to bother writing down my resolutions for 2014, but really, they all come down to this: Making the most of every moment, whatever that moment is. At work, at home, abroad; whether drafting, editing or absorbing – just get off my own back and make the most of it.

Farewell, 2013. And a happy 2014 to all ya’ll. ❤

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