Genre: Adult Traditional Mystery
Word Count: 88,000

Pitch: When her former boss dies of anaphylactic shock, Denali Danserau alone believes it was no accident. She must unravel the truth before becoming the next victim in this wry Jessica-Fletcher-meets-Northern-Exposure mystery.

I love the month of January. The year lies out full of possibilities and promise. Plus, when you live in Alaska, it means winter solstice is behind you so the days are getting longer. It may only be a few minutes each day but you take what you can get. The minutes turn into hours and before long you know you’ll bask in days with 20 hours of light and the warmth it brings. Maybe not southern California warmth but I’m an Alaska girl and 65 degrees is plenty warm for me.

It was Monday, the last week of January, and my resolve was off to a good start. I’d flossed daily. Resolution number two: check. I’d tried three new recipes since the beginning of the year and had the makings for eggs Benedict in my refrigerator for the weekend. Resolution number three: try one new recipe each week. Check. And now I was on my way to see my former boss, Ellen Walker-Wallace, for a late breakfast. Resolution number five: connect with friends. So what if Ellen hadn’t made the top 10 people I intended to call when I made the resolution? And so what if I wasn’t actually the one who did the calling?

When I turned onto Klein Street, I saw a patrol car and unmarked police vehicles in the emergency lane of the A.T.E. building. Selfish as this might sound my first thought was to hope whatever was going on wouldn’t affect our breakfast plans.

If only I had known.


Mr. Boddy is found in the billiard room, prostrate over the pool table, one leg dangling. That leg is swollen and mushy to the touch; two small circles bleed red and yellow at his ankle. He’s lying on top of a feather duster, his wide eyes fixed on the wall.

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