My Name Is Becks and I’m Officially a #The100 Addict

At many points it feels like half of my Twitter feed is fangirling about the CW show THE 100, so I put season 1 in my Netflix queue probably a month ago, telling The Man, “Hey, we should probably watch this someday.” Well, thanks to a cold and nine months of pregnancy, last week we blew through all 13 episodes in a few days, and yes, I am hooked. And, of course, because it’s me, I have a few observations/opinions.

  • Everyone hates Finn. That’s the general consensus I got from Twitter before I even started watching, and yet…I don’t. I mean, the love triangle stuff is bullshit for sure, and I don’t really ship him with anyone because he’s kind of a moppish woodland nymph. But on the whole, his character is that idealistic, diplomatic type a la Lee Adama, and I had a soft spot for Lee Adama the whole way through Battlestar: Galactica. So either I just haven’t hit the part that made everyone hate him, or he’s gonna be the Lee Adama of this show for me.
  • The subtitle of this show should still be Bitches Get Shit Done. And that’s probably my favorite part of it so far. It’s not that the male characters don’t do anything; it’s just that it’s so refreshing to see a show where so many female characters are so active, decisive and leading the way. Clarke, Raven, Abby, Octavia — they’re hardly flawless, they screw up a lot, but dammit if they don’t know what they want and what they can do and fucking DO IT. It’s bad ass.
  • I’m impressed with the punches that aren’t pulled. Look, it’s the CW. Due to the nature of the network, I don’t generally expect them to get to ballsy. Pretty people? Yes. Romantic entanglements and sexytimes? Of course. The consequences of tough choices in a desperate survival situation? Not so much. But they’ve thrown some intense curve balls into the mix, made the characters deal with some heavy shit. It’s often reminiscent of BSG in terms of tone — not quite so heavy or mythology-intense, but still fairly impressive.
  • Octavia is the luckiest person on the show. Because this:

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