What I’m Planning for 2015

People usually post all this right on New Year’s Day or close to that, but I found myself up to my eyeballs in copy editing projects around that time and figured I’d wait until I could sit down and have a think on it. And I finally managed to come up with some big-picture resolutions, plus some specific ones for the first half of the year.


  • Rediscover my voice: I used to blog a lot. I used to post my vehement opinions on pop culture-y and publish-y things. I let that fall by the wayside, and although I don’t see myself going back to what I had been doing, I do miss having a voice beyond Twitter. Hence this tumblr and my plan to start using it beyond the sporadic bouts of reblogging.
  • Read 24 books: For the record, I realize that this is a pretty low bar. The thing is, I’m a pretty slow reader in my adulthood — as opposed to my voracious reader appetite from back in my childhood. I could spout off a myriad of reasons, but instead I’d rather start setting goals to change that. Part of this also means ensuring that I seek out books from diverse authors and/or featuring diverse characters.
  • Finish a video game: This one might seem rather silly, but I am terrible at seeing a video game all the way through, even ones I love. I’d like to change that this year — preferably with my shiny new copy of Dragon Age: Inquisition.
  • Pimp more books: Sometimes you’d never know I love books because I let myself get so freaking up in my own head about talking about them. I worry about hurting feelings if I pimp out this one book but not about another and that sort of thing. But that’s hardly fair and I feel like I’m suppressing my inner fangirl too often.


  • Have a baby: Let’s be honest — of all the resolutions I have here, this is pretty much the only guarantee. I’m due…quite soon.
  • Re-condition my body: This one could have to wait an extra six weeks if I end up needing a C-section, but right now, it’s going here. I don’t expect to get my old body back, but I miss working out hard and am looking forward to getting back to that.
  • Pick a new project or two to work on: I’ve been pushing ideas around my plate for two months now. I’m going to settle on one already.


  • Start new economic venture: My work situation is changing post-baby, so I’ll be embarking on a new adventure career-wise in addition to motherhood.
  • Find places to cut spending: Related to the above. Not that we’re extravagant people to begin with, but I feel like there are ways I can make our budget stretch further.
  • Reopen R.A. Weston Editorial: I’m taking some time with a clear-ish copy editing schedule while I see when this kiddo decides to show up and adjust to his/her arrival, but I should be back in business by March 1st!


  • Run a 5K: Because running is still my exercise nemesis and, while I have no plans to be a marathoner, I am determined to semi-conquer this.
  • Complete one of the aforementioned projects: It’s not enough to decide on one. I need to try to get a draft finished, too.

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