#PitchMadness Blue Team #11: COLONY

TITLE: Colony
GENRE: Science Fiction
WORD COUNT: 82,000

To survive on an abandoned spaceship, fifteen-year-old Ed must uncover what killed the lost crew before it comes for her.

We’re in trouble.

The thought repeats itself on an endless loop. With a simple twitch of my arm, my fist punches the cabin wall beside my bed, setting up a good beat.

Trouble. We’re in trouble.

Bang. Bang bang bang-bang.

They’re trying to hide it from me, like they think I won’t understand. I’m fifteen, not an idiot. And, okay, it’s not just me. They’re not telling any of the kids on the ship. We’ve worked it out anyway. People seem to have forgotten there’s a school on board, and if they’ve taught us anything, it’s to indulge curiosity.

The Wormhole Locator died two days ago. It shouldn’t have; the engineers insist nothing’s wrong, it should work. Their confusion doesn’t change anything. No Locator, no shortcuts.

We’re travelling through space the slow way.

The really, really slow way.

My fist pounds a rapid rhythm. Ow. Ow.

No matter how fast the ship moves with the ion thrusters, it’ll never be fast enough for us to reach Gamma Colony before we’re so dead we’re dust.

I hit the wall one final time and my thoughts shift. Slightly.

Ten years ago another ship attempted what we’re doing, and it disappeared. Maybe that should’ve been a sign.

Not sure I want to think about that.

A distraction would be nice. Having Dad here in the cabin telling me not to panic would be…alright, not nice, but at least he’d be here. Instead, I’m alone, lying in bed trying to punch holes in a metal wall.

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