#PitchMadness Blue Team #12: SNOW SPARK

TITLE: Snow Spark
GENRE: Sci-fi Western
WORD COUNT: 86,000

When her frontier settlement falls under siege, one 16-year-old outlaw will risk it all to rescue her trapped family — if a shot at revenge doesn’t get her killed first.

I watch the widow’s gnarled hands count out each copper kik on the weathered market stall’s countertop and finger the switchblade in my left hand. Knives are cheating when it comes to this sort of thing but playing fair is a surefire way to die. Especially now that they put the flyers up and tripled the bounty on me—dead or alive.

The wolf skin satchel’s leather strap pulls across my water-stained buckskin jacket, the dangling fringes tangling and parting in the bitter winter breeze. My arm brushes the coarse brick wall. Frigid blue eyes narrow and I dig a deer hide boot deeper into the filthy slush, easing closer to the building’s corner. A light tremble goes through my wrist as the wind pulls several strands of long mahogany hair against my wind-burned, pale cheek and toys with the untamed bangs.

Farther up the street, the Kingdom Corps patrols, their forest green jackets, helmets and olive green pants making them stick out in the bustling Hydra crowd struggling to collect its weekly rations.

Twenty yards on foot…Too close to outrun their carbines in the open. They’re making this a challenge today.

A silk, forest green banner with the Kingdom’s golden running hare insignia cracks and showers ice on an unsuspecting market stall as a sudden wind gust whips it high into the air and drops it back against the library’s brick wall.

Damn. Now I have to get what I need from this stall after all.

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