#PitchMadness Blue Team #17: SALLY BLUE STAR

TITLE: Sally Blue Star: Prisoner of Pirates (in Outer Space)
AGE CATEGORY: Middle Grade
GENRE: Science fiction
WORD COUNT: 79,000

Sally, twelve, is an amazing spaceship mechanic, which is why pirates abduct her. On the pirate spaceship, Sally and other apprentices will have to grow up to become pirates themselves—unless they can escape first.

The Year:

The Place:

The planet on which Waystation Colony had been built was actually a rather nice place to visit. Quite beautiful. It didn’t have a name, so eventually everyone just started referring to the whole planet as “Waystation Colony.”

There were striking green plains untouched by human hands—or by hoof or paw, for that matter, because Waystation Colony had no native animals. Further on, there were deep blue oceans, some more green plains and some more blue oceans. And on the other side of the world, there was the deepest ocean of all, because Waystation Colony only had the one continent, wedged between two overly large icecaps.

Yes, Waystation Colony was a beautiful planet. It just wasn’t terribly interesting.

And for most people, of course, it didn’t need to be. They came in their spaceships, had a cup of coffee while they waited for their ships to be refueled, said, “My, isn’t this place lovely,” and were off again to wherever they were going. The people who made their cups of coffee and refueled their ships weren’t so lucky, but even most of them didn’t stick around for more than a few years before hitching a ride to better, less boring prospects.

Not so Elliott Red Star and his wife Alessandra Green Star, spaceship mechanics. They came to Waystation Colony to open the best spaceship repair shop the colony had ever seen, a place where captains would dock their ships for repairs on the basis of the shop’s name, its sterling reputation.

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