#PitchMadness Blue Team #2: KARAOKE GIRLS

TITLE: Karaoke Girls
GENRE: Mystery
WORD COUNT: 65,500

Karaoke girl Lily’s body washed ashore from Danshui River on Chinese New Year’s Eve. The Taipei City Police consider her case a suicide, but Lily’s mama-san, Chanel, suspects things aren’t so simple.


1. Use your flower name. It gives you some semblance of privacy, and signifies your esteemed place in the nocturnal world of the red light district.

2. Do not date clients outside of work.

3. Display your tattoo with pride. It is a work of art, and a symbol of both prestige and protection. It lets people know you are a member of Taiwan’s most powerful gang, Flower Mantis. It also reminds them that our bodyguards, the Boxers, have your backs.

4. Do not date a Boxer. In order for them to do their job protecting you, they must not be distracted. Besides, the jealous boyfriend thing can get ugly real fast.

5. You don’t have to do anything other than sing with the clients. Anything more, with your consent, will cost them more, and put additional cash in your pocket.

6. Use a condom. Do so even if it’s a hand job, Thai-style wrist job, traditional testicle massage — whatever’s in fashion at the moment. When you’re putting on the rubber, pinch the tip to prevent an air bubble from forming. Unroll it a little to make sure you’ve got it on right before unrolling all the way. Flavored condoms are excellent for blowjobs. You almost forget you’re doing one.

7. While giving a client oral, relax your jaw, tongue, mouth and throat, cover your teeth with your lips, and breathe through your nose to free up your mouth. Let the client slide in slowly, as deeply as your comfort allows. Vary the pace and direction.

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