#PitchMadness Blue Team #7: HYDE & SEEKER

TITLE: Hyde & Seeker
AGE CATEGORY: Middle Grade
GENRE: Fantasy/Mystery
WORD COUNT: 45,000

After a terrifying game of Hide and Seek, Justin’s friends mysteriously disappear one by one. He must overcome his fears and solve the crimes before he too disappears.

Despite the rumors, Mutt is alive. Well, sort of.

I adjust my sweaty Braves cap and glance at the limp, blue balloons and crinkled streamers tangled around the mailbox at the end of Mutt’s driveway. Not even the decorations are excited about his eleventh birthday party.

Yeah he’s back home safe, but something’s not right. He’s all zombie-like, lost somewhere in his head—which is now covered in freaky, gray hair. There’s not much to celebrate if you ask me.

“Justin!” a voice screeches. Somewhere glass shatters. I’m sure of it.

Tasha skips down the street carrying a small box wrapped in green-foiled paper and wild purple ribbons. Dang, I forgot a present.

“Hey you!” She skids to a halt beside me. Her long braids flap out behind her like a cape in the wind and instantly I’m blasted with the sweet smell of honeysuckles. I swear the girl rolls around in those bushes.

“Hey, T.” I shift from foot to foot. She’s way too happy to see me.

Tasha squints and shields her face from the angry sun with her bony arm. “How long you been standing out here? Coulda had a heatstroke. Almost had one, ‘member? Wasn’t as bad as the time I had pneumonia. Isn’t that word crazy? Pneu-monia. The “P” is lame.”

Uh, okay. “What’s in the box?”

“Our birthday gift to Mutt. A compass,” she says. “I figured you’d be thinking about other things and—”

“Thanks,” I reply quickly not wanting to think about those very things.

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