On the Eve of Change

I think it’s safe to say that January 2016 didn’t go quite like I expected. At the start of the year, I invested in a few hours of childcare every week so I could better keep up with work and direct more energy toward my writing. I had a general idea of where I thought this energy would go.

  • I would finish querying my SF novel.
  • I would work on developing my productivity and building my “backlist” of projects.
  • I would research and begin establishing a career as an indie author.

And that was how it would go.

Except it didn’t. Except, all of a sudden, I got an email from an agent who wanted to have The Call. Except, when I sent out nudges to outstanding queries and manuscripts, I had other interest, other requests…

…and another Call.

I was flattered. I was overwhelmed. Quite frankly, I was skeptical. I didn’t think I’d ever be agented again. I’d kind of resigned myself to the fact that I wasn’t probably going to find an agent who “got” me. And out of nowhere, just when I was turning my eyes elsewhere, there was more than one and they were passionate about the book — MY book.

I did every bit of research I possibly could. I talked to their clients. I asked a ton of questions and then a few more. I looked over the potential paperwork and agency information and compared, compared, compared for two weeks.

And while I think I was in the blessed position where there wasn’t really a *bad* choice here, I did still have to make a choice. And I’m ridiculously happy to announce that I’m now represented by Lara Perkins of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

I’m completely blown away and I have no idea what is around the bend, but I’m excited for it and I know Lara is going to be a great advocate and partner for what’s ahead.


5 thoughts on “On the Eve of Change

  1. Congratulations! It is wonderful to get that affirmation from others, even when you had the confidence and determination to to move forward on your own. Hope to see your book on the store shelves soon!

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