Age Category: Young Adult
Genre: Science Fiction (Diverse, LGBTQIA)
Word Count: 93,000

Pitch: Three months ago, Jane Deu had her memories voluntarily erased. Tonight she has a lightgun in hand once again, but her target is begging her to pull the trigger. THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS meets JUPITER ASCENDING.

First 250 Words:
It was finally over. The choice didn’t matter.

One of them would murder him tonight.

Pietro crouched behind a buckling brick beam, hands buried in a mix of soot and snow as he waited, listening. All was silent that night in Third Quadrant, along with the rest of Old Glasgow. There were no cars, no sirens, nothing—nothing but the falling snow, Pietro, and now three Exterminators. With his cheek to the sidewalk, he peered beneath the beam.

“I’m told this is the second field orientation for the both of you. Or is it?” asked the Instructor, a pint-sized girl a head shorter than the other two. The blond boy flashed a hand at her, raising four fingers in reply. “*Oh?* Well then, Lancaster. Repeat the rules for us.”

Lancaster threw his white-gloved hand up in salute, straining against the seams of his ill-fitting uniform. With his Instructor’s help, he stuttered through a numbered list that sounded straight out of a textbook, turning beet red all the while.

Pietro didn’t need to hear their rules. He knew them well enough. Don’t go out unarmed. Don’t leave your team. Altercations with civilians are an instant failure. Never forget who the real people are.

Pietro wasn’t “real people,” not to them. That was the price of being born somewhere else, outside their world. All his life with Viola he lived in panic, knowing a bunch of green-clad, thunder-booted murder machines could tear down the door at any moment.

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