Age Category: Middle Grade

Genre: Horror

Word Count: 50,000

Pitch: ZhenYu teams up with his friend, sister, and a friendly spirit to defeat an ancient creature before it possesses his soul. Stranger Things meets Singaporean mythology.

First 250 Words of the Manuscript:
Zhen Yu strode past his papa’s BMW parked in the driveway, resisting the urge to punch the huge hulk of metal. The gate creaked in protest as he yanked it open and stepped out into the street outside his home. At 2 AM on a weekday, his neighborhood was a ghost town.

He kicked an abandoned Coke can down the empty road. If only Harun wasn’t sick and could’ve snuck out as usual and joined him. If only his papa would get help for his depression. If only his Nainai was still alive. If only his mama hadn’t left them… There were too many “if onlys” in his life.

He turned a corner and stopped dead in his tracks. Piles of burnt hell notes, oranges with joss sticks protruding from them, and bowls of rice littered the field in front of him. Tall, thin red candles poked out of the ground, glowing like beacons for wandering spirits.

In his anger, he had completely forgotten that it was the Hungry Ghost month. The gates of the underworld were wide open. What if a lost spirit followed him home?

A sudden breeze stirred the leaves in the trees, making them whisper like phantom voices. The moon hid behind the clouds, enveloping him in a shroud of darkness.

The skin on the back of his neck crawled. Someone watched him from the shadows. Or, worse, maybe it was a something not a someone.

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