Age Category: Middle Grade

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy

Word Count: 46,000

Pitch: Fortunes may change for three unhappy kids who stumble on a magical abandoned carnival warehouse if they can help its ghostly owner reunite his bickering family before the property is sold to the wrong buyer.

First 250 Words of the Manuscript:
Four weeks had passed since the last time Justin Pennington uttered a word.

Not that he didn’t have plenty to say. But he had his reasons for staying silent.

On the Saturday before camp, Justin ran scales at the piano, staring intently at the keys. After a while, as always, his eyes shifted to his dad’s picture atop the polished lid. Abruptly, he shoved the piano bench backward. Despite the bright Milwaukee sun outside, his glum expression darkened.

He headed to the bay window and hurled his stocky frame onto its cushion. With deepening gloom, he stared out the window, pulling the curtains close around him.

On the lawn, a baseball glove lay exactly where he’d left it after his twelfth birthday last Sunday. Light through the window highlighted his solitary reflection, and he tugged at a handful of his unruly fair hair, wondering if the leaden weight in his stomach would ever go away. As he calculated the prospect of Camp Inch being any better than home, he shut his eyes. It can’t be worse.

Justin bolted upright when his mom pulled into the driveway. Sunlight on the sedan’s silver hood, dull with dust when she’d left a few hours ago, glinted off its shiny finish.

Why couldn’t she leave it the way it was? He backed away from the window, ignoring her wave. Swallowing hard, he realized the dirt covering the car had been the last evidence he’d had. Now it was gone too, just like his dad.


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