Let’s Sew or Something Maybe

Graph journal with the word

For the past few Januarys, I’ve chosen a Word of the Year. Partly because I like themes and partly because I’m one of those people who gets super into the whole concept of a new year, new start, new goals and so forth. Which you yourself might either find super-relatable or super-obnoxious, depending on how you jam. And despite my initial desire to swipe Katherine Locke’s WotY — hustle — I ended going with the one in the image above. Cultivate.


  • to foster the growth of
  • to improve by labor, care, or study
  • further, encourage


I liked it because it encompassed a lot of the stuff I have going on outside of the business of books written, books edited, clients gained, invoices sent, etc. I have this whole list of ambitious stuff I want to learn about and figure out how to do for myself. Things like:

  • Grow a garden that keeps it shit together
  • Learn to alter and fix my own clothes and maybe sew some new ones
  • Explore some spirituality aspects I’ve been thinking about for a while
  • Keep expanding my cooking skills

And whatever else I feel like adding to this list because hell if my first-of-the-year plans ever end up being the same as my end-of-the-year results. And because I have this blog sitting here all empty, I’m going to write about some of it here from time to time.

Step One: In Which I Begin My Adventures in Sewing

Photo of an electric sewing machine on a white table, with a pair of jeans piled up behind it

Sewing is one of those things that I always went, “I should learn how to do that.” But I didn’t do it and I didn’t do it and then I started to think I was too old to learn how and then I came around again and remembered that that concept of “too old” is bullshit, so here we go, folks. This sewing machine was a very generous Christmas gift, and it’s likely smarter than I am. It’s ten times more functional than I am, for sure.

Photo of a wooden box filled with writing supplies and a sewing machine operation manual

I’ve also got a box of handy equipment and add-ons, like sewing scissors and seam rippers and bobbins and pins and pin cushions. Oh, and the operation manual for my fancy sewing machine, which I used this morning to figure out how to thread it. It took a few dozen steps and a lot of second-guessing — somewhere in the middle, I was pretty positive I wasn’t making any progress and that I had been bested by the entire concept of a bobbin. But I sorted it out, and in the end, the upper part was threaded and the lower part was threaded and it looks…like it could actually sew a bitch? Maybe?

That part comes next. There are a couple of blogs out there about learning to sew and some classes on Craftsy, so I need to look at my options and see how to take my next steps. I want to see what I can learn about altering and fixing clothes before I start stuff from scratch. If you have any recommendations, hit me up.







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