What I’m Planning for 2015

People usually post all this right on New Year’s Day or close to that, but I found myself up to my eyeballs in copy editing projects around that time and figured I’d wait until I could sit down and have a think on it. And I finally managed to come up with some big-picture resolutions, plus some specific ones for the first half of the year.


  • Rediscover my voice: I used to blog a lot. I used to post my vehement opinions on pop culture-y and publish-y things. I let that fall by the wayside, and although I don’t see myself going back to what I had been doing, I do miss having a voice beyond Twitter. Hence this tumblr and my plan to start using it beyond the sporadic bouts of reblogging.
  • Read 24 books: For the record, I realize that this is a pretty low bar. The thing is, I’m a pretty slow reader in my adulthood — as opposed to my voracious reader appetite from back in my childhood. I could spout off a myriad of reasons, but instead I’d rather start setting goals to change that. Part of this also means ensuring that I seek out books from diverse authors and/or featuring diverse characters.
  • Finish a video game: This one might seem rather silly, but I am terrible at seeing a video game all the way through, even ones I love. I’d like to change that this year — preferably with my shiny new copy of Dragon Age: Inquisition.
  • Pimp more books: Sometimes you’d never know I love books because I let myself get so freaking up in my own head about talking about them. I worry about hurting feelings if I pimp out this one book but not about another and that sort of thing. But that’s hardly fair and I feel like I’m suppressing my inner fangirl too often.


  • Have a baby: Let’s be honest — of all the resolutions I have here, this is pretty much the only guarantee. I’m due…quite soon.
  • Re-condition my body: This one could have to wait an extra six weeks if I end up needing a C-section, but right now, it’s going here. I don’t expect to get my old body back, but I miss working out hard and am looking forward to getting back to that.
  • Pick a new project or two to work on: I’ve been pushing ideas around my plate for two months now. I’m going to settle on one already.


  • Start new economic venture: My work situation is changing post-baby, so I’ll be embarking on a new adventure career-wise in addition to motherhood.
  • Find places to cut spending: Related to the above. Not that we’re extravagant people to begin with, but I feel like there are ways I can make our budget stretch further.
  • Reopen R.A. Weston Editorial: I’m taking some time with a clear-ish copy editing schedule while I see when this kiddo decides to show up and adjust to his/her arrival, but I should be back in business by March 1st!


  • Run a 5K: Because running is still my exercise nemesis and, while I have no plans to be a marathoner, I am determined to semi-conquer this.
  • Complete one of the aforementioned projects: It’s not enough to decide on one. I need to try to get a draft finished, too.

In Which I Go On Hiatus

More than a blog hiatus — an Internet hiatus. I’ve got to buckle-down and finish this manuscript, and with a week off work, the best option for me is to step away from the intrawebz, clear my brain of the doubts and fears about the publishing industry, and just do work.

I’ll occasionally be checking email, but that’s about it.

When I come back, I promise an epic giveaway featuring a signed copy of THE LOST SUN by Tessa Gratton.

Yes. This one right here.

And probably an ebook copy giveaway as well. I loved the living crap out of this book.

Be good. Play nice with others.


Happy 2013! What I’m Planning + Photos From My Best Day of 2012

I’ve got no complaints about 2012. It was a usual year-like mix of good days and bad days, bitter and sweet, rough parts and smooth parts.

But it rises above all that rollercoaster crap because in October 2012, this happened:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s pretty much the *drops mic* moment of the year for me. I got to marry my best friend. And someday in the near future, I hope everyone in every state in the U.S. will have the same opportunity to marry THEIR best friend, regardless of gender.

I bandied about with idea of doing resolutions for 2013 like I usually do, but somehow it hasn’t felt right. It’s seemed too constricting, and I’m getting the feeling that to get through this year, I’ll need to be flexible. To be able to bend and shift any goals in response to sneaky changes that I can’t see yet.

So instead of making a list of all the stuff I’m going to do, pounds I’m going to lose, words I’m going to write, etc., I’m going to put up one general goal.

I will not procrastinate.
Because tomorrow is not guaranteed. And my dreams aren’t going to make themselves come true – I’ve got to sculpt them out of blood, sweat and ether.

So, 2013, I plan to be flexible and productive.

And we’re gonna start with the productivity today, with cleaning and outlining.

I wish all of you a very happy new year! Go be awesome and make 2013 your bitch.

July #WriteMotivation: Limping to the Finish Line and Looking to August

Well…I didn’t exactly make it to the end with #writemotivation this month. After the rough spot in the middle, I couldn’t get back on track with the posts and keeping up with all of your guys’ check-ins. I’m very sorry about that, but I did get to quite a few of you here at the end and it looks like it was a fairly successful month for many of you.

I didn’t do too bad, considering:

  1. Finish plotting and start drafting Code Title: BIG BEN. I’ve got names and backstories for a lot of the main characters, including the leader of the crew of thieves, and the main structure of the plot is coming into focus. I didn’t get start drafting, but that’s okay. You guys, I am excited about this story and also seriously nervous. My next two WIP ideas are just kind of on another level that make me nervous that I can’t pull them off. Which is why I’ve started printing off Chuck Wendig’s penmonkey advice – like, for example, his post today about caring less. A sample, you say? How about this shizzle:

    You free yourself by caring less. By dumping the dueling goblins of Fear and Expectation out the back of a C-130 and into the mouth of an open and active volcano named Mount Don’t-Give-A-Shit.

    Now go read the rest!

  2. Finish all remaining crits.
  3. Brainstorm potential alternate beginnings and/or other revisions to PD. Have I mentioned how much I love The Man? I do. He’s super-creative and an avid reader and my best critic, and he’s starting to read through PD. A week or so ago, he came upstairs where I was cooking and went, “What if you did such-and-such.” And I went, “YES, I LOVE IT!” He’s awesome like that. I’m not doing anything until he’s finished his critique, though, and then I will apply said revisions
  4. Repurposing old fanfic.

For August, my goals look fairly similar:

  1. Plot BIG BEN and start drafting.
  2. Collect critique of PD mid-month and start on revisions.
  3. Get back on track with the blogging I’ve let slide these past couple of weeks.

That should probably fill up any time that isn’t working, exercising, wedding planning, etc. Under the three-month mark for W-Day, which means that I’m starting to get all the questions and fiddly bits are popping up to deal with. I’m trying to breathe through it and remind myself that the important part is that we both show up and are, y’know, legally married and shit by the end of the day.

Coming up on the blog this month…

  • Everything I Know About Writing I Learned From Buffy (tomorrow)
  • An up-and-coming author spotlight
  • A review of Whispers in Autumn
  • A peek into my writing past
  • Anything else that catches my opinionated eye. I’m Catwoman, okay? I’m adaptable.

Three cheers for August and, hopefully, an early and rainy autumn because I am just not meant for heat like this.

#WriteMotivation Monday: Preprastination with a Side of #XmasinJuly

It’s Monday. Y’know what that means?

If you guessed, Becks watched a lot of 30 Rock this weekend, you would be right. You would also be correct in assuming she asked that question just so she could use that fabulous gif. She got a few things done, let her personal training sister destroy her ass at a boot camp, and watched The Man play a lot of Dark Souls. And went to a one-year-old’s birthday party. Which was better than one might think because his parents are awesome and are more like “Drink margaritas!” than “TALK ONLY ABOUT MY CHILD OR PERISH!”

  1. Finish plotting and start drafting Code Title: BIG BEN. An eensy bit of progress here. I’ve come up with a starting point and some character details on the MC. Still need to do a bit more world development before I’m comfortable diving into intense outlining. I like to get that shit well and truly to the side first. Call it procrastination if you will; I call it…preparation. Well, it’s both. It’s preprastination.
  2. Finish all remaining crits. Finished! Woohoo! The Voice Team crits got accomplished last weekend, and yesterday I polished off all the other crits I had in my inbox. So unless I get more, I’m good with these for awhile.
  3. Brainstorm potential alternate beginnings and/or other revisions to PD. I’ve got a new starting point. I don’t know if it’s THE AWESOME MANUSCRIPT-SAVING STARTING POINT OF AMAZEBALLS, but I like it. It has potential. I think it might turn out all right. We’ll see.
  4. Repurposing old fanfic. I don’t think I can do it. I just don’t think I can. The more I think on it, the more I know I would just hate myself for doing it. I’m going to take a nice, big safety step away from that slippery slope and let it go.

Submission window for the Christmas in July contest is NOW until Sometime-That-Is-Later-Than-Now. *goes to check* 3:00 EST. Go email Ruth L. Stevens and Michelle Krys your query and first 500 words.

I’m not actually taking part in this one (shocker!), and I’m excited to sit back and watch. With a mojito. Because it’s still effing summertime despite the “cool down” we got today.

It’s a new week, people. Go be awesome.

Kicking Off #WriteMotivation July: Plotting, #VoiceTeam and Repurposed Stories

Gah! It’s July! Who let July in here? I never approved this.

And since it is both (a) Monday and (b) hotter-than-the-seedy-underbelly-of-Hades in most of the country, let’s start this post off on the right note…with the Doctor:

Look at him! That just makes me happy. Happy enough to get on with the goals already!

  1. Finish plotting and start drafting Code Title: BIG BEN. I honestly, truly meant to make a big dent in this yesterday, but I also had crits that I had promised to Brenda Drake’s DOGGONE VOICE WORKSHOP over at her blog which took longer than I had thought they would. Not that I’m complaining – there are some great entries and writers over there working hard. I expect many of them to have fabulous success stories soon! Still, I didn’t quite come blazing out of the gates. I have ground to make up on world-building, character sketches and plot outlines.
  2. Finish all remaining crits. Still have a couple in my email, but I knocked out a BIG chunk of this by going through the #VoiceTeam crits yesterday. If you have a chance, definitely check them out – if only to see where all the judges agree and differ on feedback. It’s very interesting.
  3. Brainstorm potential alternate beginnings and/or other revisions to PD. I should probably just leave well enough alone, but I really feel like I’m missing something, that there has to be another way to open the story and make those first two chapters stronger. It’s nothing urgent – just something I want to play around with – but it’ll probably keep me from entering the Christmas in July contest being run by Michelle Krys and Ruth L. Steven. They’ve got some awesome agents participating, though, including K.T.’s, so definitely check it out.

One I didn’t think of in time to send to K.T.: Look into repurposing an old fanfic.

Let me explain: On a walk this past week, The Man and I were discussing the fact that it’s crazy how E.L. James is making over $1 million a week off of, essentially, publishing fanfiction. He said, half-joking, “You should do that.”

Flash back about 10 years ago: I, like many authors, wrote fanfiction. Mainly OC (original character) centered stories so I could pretend I was running around in my favorite fandoms. Some Newsies way back in the day, some Spike/OC Buffy stories in high school that went to the Spike Girls Yahoo! Group (I was Celtic Spike), and one-and-a-half Harry Potter stories that I penned around the time I was 19 or so. 2002-ish, let’s say, when the HP fandom was just wicked intense. It was a very angsty romance and actually got a little bit of a following. Paltry as compared to the BNFs who were running things during that time period, but they were dedicated and I hearted all of them.

When The Man mentioned repurposing fanfiction, it’s the Harry Potter story that immediately came to mind. I pulled it up this weekend and looked through it, and it’s not actually half bad in some areas. Not great, but not terrible. And since it mainly follows an OC – and I wasn’t terribly skilled at writing the HP players in-character – there is room to give it a facelift and have it be a perfectly serviceable (if, albeit, dark) romance.

I’m not 100% sure what I’m doing with it yet – hell, maybe nothing – but it’s an intriguing idea anyway. Anyone out there with experience reading romance? Because this would be a *brand-new* genre area for me. 🙂

And now, to further make your Monday more hilarious:

Anxieties, Lists and Keeping My S*** Together

I must confess to being a little…anxious.

I have three-and-a-half days left at my old job, and next Monday I start up again as a proofreader, which makes me nervous. Not so much the bit about starting at a new office or any of that – more the bit about how I will be the only proofreader at a pretty decently sized advertising company. I think there’s going to be a lot of work, and I worry about my ability to draw lines and not burn myself out. That is going to be a challenge: saying no, putting work to bed at a decent hour, and stemming the tide.

On top of this, I sat down on Sunday to assess what will need to get done for the wedding in about hour months. You guys, there were LISTS. Lists on top of lists. Bullet points with subpoints about the subpoints. WHY DIDN’T I ELOPE, BLOGOSPHERE?

So I, at the moment, am trying to breathe, to remember that I am only one person and there is only so much I can do on any given day. This will be the mantra for the next couple of months, in fact.

Hello. My name is Becks. I am only one person. There is only so much I can accomplish in a day. Today might not be your day. Tomorrow may not either.

What I’m most worried about is that all this zaniness will cause my writing life to fall by the wayside. I’ve let it happen before – I really don’t want it to happen again. And yet, I haven’t gotten a lot done with the plotting of the new book, BIG BEN, and that’s mostly my fault. I want to start drafting in July, and that month is awfully close. It’s pulling faces at me from behind bushes and around corners, taunting me. *shakes fist at July*

It’s going to take a certain amount of focus and moxie to push back, draw lines and compartmentalize my life so that I do my job and still get to do the things I love. Like writing and encouraging all of you to write. Like spending time with The Man watching Burn Notice and Warehouse 13 and odd, Scottish dark fantasy movies that he stumbles across. This is my challenge, people. I hope I am up to it.

On a side note, I have a couple of future plans for blog posts I’m throwing out there, one of which is to feature well-done self-published/independent books that are out there. I’m wading through it so you don’t have to! I’m just a little sick of all the in-fighting between traditional and non-traditional routes to publishing and choose instead to be maddeningly positive about books, no matter how they’re distributed – so long as they’re good.

It’s a big sandbox, people. Everyone can play.

Also, I officially have 22 subscribers to this blog, which is 22 more than I ever thought would be interested in what I have to say. (The number in the right sidebar says 364, but they lump Twitter and blog followers together.) So I’m thinking giveaway. What do people like to see in giveaways?

  • Critiques? (Either of queries or chapters)
  • Books? (Probably already-out books since I don’t have a lot of ARCs)
  • Preorders?
  • Something else?

And finally, if you haven’t already, go sign up for July #writemotivation over on K.T. Hanna‘s blog. It’s seriously no obligation – just a great way to meet and bond with other writers, both when your story is going awesome and when it’s being a total bastard.

Now, if you’ll please excuse me…I need some ibuprofin.

May #WriteMotivation Wrap-Up and Vacation Hiatus

This is going to have to be a quick one. Goal check!

  1. Finish polish on PD and start querying. Done. Last trims were completed today over my lunch hour. I ended up shaving off over 5,000 words of extraneous stuff and darlings to make it a leaner, meaner 86K.
  2. Begin outline of new WIP. No dice. I’m loading my new Kindle with steampunk, space operas and cyberpunk to gear up for it, though. Who’s got recommendations?
  3. Post at least four updates on The Man’s and my personal blog. I got in three. Not bad but not 100%.
  4. Enter The Writers Voice contest and don’t die. Done.
  5. Launch copy editing services page. Still real-life stuff going on that is putting this on hold. Hopefully, I will know soon so I can decide whether I want to move forward with this as a public offering.
  6. Finish crits. Done! Yay!

June writing goals – and GO!

  1. Begin outlining new WIP. I’ve at least decided on which idea I’m pursuing, so that’s a start. Going to start on the outlines and the world-building and the character sketches, as this base is going to be kind of vital for the draft to go smoothly. Code word title: BIG BEN.
  2. Read. Remember reading, Becks? You like reading.
  3. Forget about PD. Look, this one is kind of big and vague and tied to this whole “You’re wearing yourself ragged with anxiety so just shut up already” issue that’s been plaguing me all month. The plan in June is to relax, to do stuff I want to do, and maybe do some silly stuff like play Minecraft instead of putting pressure on myself ALL THE TIME.

And speaking of relaxing, it starts here:

This is the Lake of the Ozarks. I will be here with my family from June 2nd through June 9th, and while there’s WiFi in our cabins, I don’t plan on using it very often. I definitely will not be on Twitter. I will, however, be sitting on the dock with a beer reading or possibly playing Euchere. I’m very excited, but if everyone could send good vibes toward The Man, I’d much appreciate it. He’s saving his PTO for the wedding, so he won’t be coming with me.

I heart all of you! Be awesome and productive while I’m gone (like usual).

#Writemotivation Goal Check: Now with Buffy Gifs

This is how I take care of business. Be afraid, goals.

A new week of May and another check on my May goals. I’m currently left to my own devices as The Man is up in Chicago on a business trip for the next four days. I might be a little flouncy about it. Just a little. But I will have company – in about an hour, my sister will be bringing her dog by. She and her husband are going overseas for 10 days so I get to dog-sit and practice at being a pet owner. 🙂

Goal check time!

  1. Finish polish on PD and start querying. Still in progress. Collected a few rejections and a few requests and waiting on a few more (preferably of the latter). The big news in this area is that PD is getting a major trim. My awesome Writers Voice coach Brenda Drake gave me some great notes on my first 250 words on the contest, and I quickly realized that they could be carried throughout the manuscript. Primarily, this means that I’m cutting down on my self-indulgence and slaughtering my darlings. I’ve already tackled the first 35 pages and sent them to my CPs to make sure I wasn’t editing the “me” right out of the manuscript, and they loved the cleaner, tighter flow of you. So onward I go. 🙂
  2. Begin outline of new WIP. Well…still no actual progress on this. I’m trying to trim PD and get everything else under control. I started a post for people wanting to get ready for #TheWritersVoice Twitter pitch contest on May 24th, and I want to get in there and offer my own critiques to try and help out. It was kind of a whim, but it’s turned out to be rather successful, which is exciting.
  3. Post at least four updates on The Man’s and my personal blog. Got another one planned for this week about our dog-sitting and Chicago adventures.
  4. Enter The Writers Voice contest and don’t die. Posts go up on Thursday. Agent bids get posted on Monday. I am excessively nervous. Almost as much as I was for Pitch Madness. It’s only going to get worse the closer it gets to Monday. *headdesk*
  5. Launch copy editing services page.
  6. Finish crits. Done! Yay!

#WriteMotivation Goal Check: Correlations Between Sickness and Success

Fun fact: There is an apparent correlation between me getting nasty colds and then hearing preliminary good news on the publishing front.

Background: Back in late 2007, I shot off a query letter of a newly revised novel to the Rappaport Agency and received a full request from the agent’s slush reader, Jodi. In early December, I got a nasty cold and was sitting around on Friday night, slugging back meds and generally feeling sorry for myself when I got a response from Jodi. She loved the book. Adored it. Was passing it on to the agent but still wanted to write me tons of feedback on what was awesome about it, and she really picked up everything I had been trying to accomplish. It made my freaking night. I signed with the agency that winter, and while it didn’t last, I still treasure that email.

Fast-forward to today: I sent off a round of queries on Wednesday night, received one rejection almost immediately, and then entered The Writers Voice contest Thursday morning, after which I immediately caught the terrible cold that had afflicted The Man the past couple of days. I was miserable by Saturday morning – pretty pathetic and whiny. And then I got good news. A very positive response from my query round and a slot in The Writers Voice finals, thanks to the fabulous Brenda Drake. I’m excited. I’m terribly grateful. I’m cautious because it could all come to nothing still. (See: MarcyKate Connolly’s story over on Cupid’s Literary Connection. Talk about the definition of “just keep swimming” – and that lady has some serious talent.) But still, it made for a good Saturday.

So, future note: Every time I send out a query round, I’m going to go find a sick person and have them sneeze on me. Good plan.

Goal Check:

  1. Finish polish on PD and start querying. Started. See above. I’ve sent out about 10 and will be under scrutiny for 8 other agents on May 17th.
  2. Begin outline of new WIP. I had some breakthroughs on this in the shower last night. Specifically, what’s the conflict and what are the stakes. I’ve started character profiles on Scrivener, even though some of the characters just have labels, like Space Pirate Captain. I’m stoked about this story, about where it could go.
  3. Post at least four updates on The Man’s and my personal blog. One down. Everyone loved the invites and said they were very “us,” which is exactly what we were going for: good-humored and nerdy. Going to write another blog about our illness after this.
  4. Enter The Writers Voice contest and don’t die. I went forth and entered. Made it into the first round and was delighted to see so many fellow WriteMotivation peoples in there with me. Please go check out their entries and comment. They’re all fabulous: Leigh Caroline (whom I adore and who is a fantastic writer/CP), Mia K. Rose, A.J. Locke and Rachel Russell. Their entries sound fabulous. If you are another writemotivation-er in the contest and I didn’t mention you, I’m probably just not aware – please smack me upside the head in the comments.
  5. Launch copy editing services page. No developments. I want to get my current projects completed first.
  6. Finish crits. See above. Will try to work on these today since I’m home sick for one more day.

That’s pretty much where I’m at. I haven’t been as involved in the hashtag as I’d like, so I will be working on that and on commenting. Try to catch up after contest madness. Though maybe not tonight as I might finally get to go see The Avengers.

Ooo, lunch! Good idea…

May #WriteMotivation: Querying, Editing and #TheWritersVoice

The Eleventh Doctor is also VERY BUSY.
It’s May Day and the start of a brand-new #WriteMotivation month check, so let’s talk goals, shall we?

  1. Finish polish on PD and start querying. At the end of April, I finished up the revisions that needed to happen on PD and printed it out for The Man to do his read through. I also sent it off to Leigh Caroline, Lady Jai, and K.T. Hanna for any feedback they have, but essentially, it’s getting close. Very close. And I’m ready to let it go and see if it flies or sinks. I have a (color-coded!) spreadsheet of agents to approach and a mental note of where my rejection limit is.
  2. Begin outline of new WIP. Like I said above, I’ve just about reached my limit on tinkering with PD. I want a new project, new characters, new world, and I think I’ve picked one. It’s going to require a lot of front-end work since it’s going to be a kind of steampunk space opera exploration, so it may take a bit to get off the ground.
  3. Post at least four updates on The Man’s and my personal blog. The wedding invites went out this week, which means that soon friends and family will be actually *visiting* the website that The Man and I have set up. And since there is currently only one post on our blog from the end of March, I’d like to get a few more up and going.
  4. Enter The Writers Voice contest and don’t die. On Thursday, I’m going to submit to The Writers Voice contest that is being put on by Brenda Drake, Krista Van Dolzer, CupidsLC, and Monica B.W. I think when it comes down to it, I really just can’t resist any contest that Brenda helps put on. And this one should definitely be interesting. About 150 people submitting their query + the first 250 words. Actually, according to contest rules, I will be posting them here, so ya’ll can see them. And then the four judges will go through the submissions and each pick 10 by May 10th that they want on their team. Those 40 entries will be posted for 8 agents to review and bid on May 21st. It could be a short contest for me if none of the judges pick my entry, but hey, why not, right? 🙂 It should be fun in any case – to watch and to play – so I for one will be cruising #TheWritersVoice hashtag.
  5. Launch copy editing services page. This one was inspired by Bonnie Rae. We’ve been emailing about me helping her on the Nether Bound sequel when it comes time for it to be proofread/copy edited. I’ve got about six years in the field, and it occurred to me that people who are looking to put professional work out there and aren’t confident about their grammar/punctuation knowledge could benefit from my services in this area.
  6. Revamp blog Finish crits. So I kind of couldn’t wait and already revamped the look/feel of my blog. The other one was pretty, but a little too fussy. I like the cleaner look of this one, and it’s a little more responsive design-wise. So I’m replacing it with the crits that I need to do. I’m excited to dive into one I got last week – hopefully I can get it back to her fast enough to help her keep on track with her own goals.

And that’s pretty much it. I’m going to run around tonight and add the #writemotivation Twitter peoples and blogs to my feeds and am going to try to be REALLY good about commenting and not just reading. I’ve been even bad about responding to comments on my own blog the past few weeks, so that needs to change.

How is everyone looking out there?

#WriteMotivation Wrap-Up

There are still a few days left in March, but now’s as good as time as any to take a look at my goals and see how I did.

Conclusion: Not terrible, but I didn’t quite succeed.

  • Clean up and polish WIP: Honestly, it still could use a little spit-and-shine. There are some items on my list that haven’t gotten taken care of, and life kind of derailed me after Pitch Madness. First there was the wedding, then a sort of emotional letdown after the craziness of the contest, and then The Man and I have had some family stuff. I’m trying to get back on track with it. I’m hoping April is a little more even-keeled than this month has been.
  • Comment on at least three fellow writers’ blogs once a week: Total fail midway through the month, but I made up for it last week with double the comments! I’m getting better at going, “I have a thought about that – OMG, I should click the link to POST THAT THOUGHT.”
  • Start thinking about New Project: This is where the utter fail comes in. I guess I managed to narrow down which one I think it will be, but other than that, I haven’t managed anything on this front.

So…not quite the epic productivity I was hoping for. Still and all, there’s been some forward progress, and that’s something. Anyone who has done quite a bit better than I have and is interested in the #WriteMotivation rewards, I’m offering up:

  • A crit of five chapters – any five chapters
  • Query crit/help (I quite like queries, writing them and reading them. I’m a strange creature.)

Until then, since I’m finding there are so many fans, a little more Tenth Doctor from the world of Tumblr.

Adorable, yes? I thought so.

#WriteMotivation March, #PitchMadness and Dear God the Pressure

(One of these days, my #writemotivation goal is going to be to update this blog twice a week just to see if I go crazy…)

Happy #Writemotivation March! While it’s past time to sign up on K.T. Hanna’s blog officially, if you’re not a part of it and you want to hang out where a lot of awesome writers are cheering each other on, check out the Twitter hashtag and feel the love. It’s gotten a whole lot bigger since January, and I for one am excited to get to know the new faces and see how everyone is doing and what they’re working on.

Here are the goals I signed up with:

  • Clean up and polish WIP: For reason I’ll elaborate on a little further down, this one just got a WHOLE lot more urgent, so not achieving this one is not going to be an option.
  • Comment on at least three fellow writers’ blogs once a week: There are like 40 of them now to choose from, and I’m excited to start reading them. I read all the time but am terrible about leaving comments, even when I have something to say.
  • Start thinking about New Project: This was 100% going to be a multiple-POV contemporary fantasy – an idea that my dad, for some reason, is just over-the-moon about – but now I have a new plot bunny to consider as well: A gritty sci-fi with a teleporting chick. Not sure which one will take over. I think my dad will kill me if I sideline the contemporary fantasy one again, though, so if I disappear, that might be why.

On top of these, I enlisted my book in the March Madness Agent Pitch Match that’s being run by Brenda Drake, Shelley Watters and C.A. Marshall with a big assist from Erica M. Chapman. They’re reading through 150+ entries I believe and choosing the ones they think are the best (no word on how many that will be – they’re staying flexible), and then 10 super-awesome literary agents will get to bid on the finalists on March 14th.

It’s a hell of an opportunity, and yesterday morning before the first submission window, I was pretty much a wreck of nerves. I spent late Thursday night perfecting my entry and then hovered in my email with my cursor over the send button until I saw the call go out on Twitter. It filled up in – literally – one minute, but I managed to squeak in there. It made me giddy all day, but now I’m mostly nervous. My WIP still needs a polish over the next week, so it’s ready in the off-chance I make the final cut…and in the off-chance that any of the agents actually want to see it.

Let’s just say there’s a lot of off-chances involved in this one. If nothing else, it’ll be a learning experience to see which entries make the final cut and get bids so I can tweak my own pitch in the future.

Also – IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re a novelist, you may want to go ahead and follow Brenda, Shelley and C.A.’s blogs because rumor has it they’re planning an even BIGGER contest in May.

On top of all this, The Man and I are prepping for our big move next weekend into our very first (and gorgeous, if I may say so) house, so there’s packing and cleaning and organizing.

And I turn 29 tomorrow. Which is weird because I keep forgetting about birthday stuff in the face of all of this.

Conclusion: March is starting off busy, but in a good way.

How is your March starting off?